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Monday, November 06, 2006

A quick update, dear blogger friends. (OK... it is "almost" Monday :))

Hope you are all keeping well - and out of serious mischief!I will regain some normalcy on Wednesday (until then I'll keep my nose close to the ground) I am planning to sleep in.Ohhh, do I need to sleep - I'm on autopilot right now.It has been a while since I have been this busy ... (And I ain't getting any younger! Pfew!!!)Will be posting the first horse and racing paintings on the 9th (Friday, this time) which is when the Exhibit at Fraser Downs opens. It's only fair.Although, I might just break down and post he one the stayed behind...Peace, Love Joy and Laughter to You All!

It's Monday Evening now - for sure! Update on the update....

For the bad (?) news: I am in need of a metal frame – either black or gold. Have not been able to locate one in all my rounds today…. I am exhausted, but somewhat more relaxed. And, still need to be ready for the possible last minute call from the White Rock Council’s Gallery's "Grand re-Opening :) … to take my jewellery in time for the evening ribbon cutting event!

For the good news: I definitely made a great move in deciding to participate in this Exhibit.
I learned this afternoon when I brought my Entry Form into the Arts Council of Surrey’s Office that the:
First Prize is $1000, Second, $500 and so on – BUT, what makes it more than worthwhile – for a budding artist such as myself - is that Fraser Downs is holding the B.C. Breeders Classic - with a large purse - and with a gate attendance expected to be approximately 45.000! I call that “good Exposure”… Which, has absolutely made it important for me to attend the opening – somehow, it never crossed my mind (old age or just blonde?) – on Thursday night, which is going to be Internationally televised… whowouldhavethankit! Hmm?

Will most likely be “incomunicada” until Friday for sure or maybe even weekend…

PS.: For the bad-bad news, we have been having heavy-heavy rains with flooding, highway washouts and all kinds of evacuations and alerts going on… so all the above is “if Gaia will allow”.

Blessings to all

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krystyna said...

Hi Angel!
Have a great and succesful time!

samuru999 said...

Hoping the rains have let up!
Catch one of those salmon for me.
haha...you'd have to be quick!

I'm thinking you're going to win one of those prizes...maybe the big one....that would be so awesome!!!
Wonderful exposure for you...
45,000 gate attendance expected...that's quite a crowd!

Sending ((smiles)) and ((hugs))


"Angeldust" said...

Thank you Krystyna and Margie - quick "telegram"

Love and joy