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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thursday’s post…. (on Wednesday lol!!!)
I am trying to discipline myself to post only (?) twice a week – Mondays and Thursdays.
The plans for today’s post went out the window when I responded on Monday to a “not quiet clear” message left on my answering machine late Friday afternoon.

Once I located the caller (indeed from the Surrey Arts Council) and cleared up – amongst chuckles and good fun – me having dialed the right number, the conversation turned serious and from one minute to the next I felt I was being challenged (well “challenged” is a word I concluded later, as a choice!).

You are an artist, aren’t you?
Y- e - s …?
Didn’t you get the Call for Entry for the Fraser Downs Art Competition, Exhibition and Sale?
Y- e - s … I loooove horses, but I don’t have any paintings of horses and I don’t paint realistic paintings, I am just mainly doing “abstract watercolours”
Then why don’t you do one?

Ok! That, took me for a bit of spin, and some thinking …
I was just about to rebel, when I decided yesterday, to go ahead and make the deadline in 10 days?
Well, it runs Nov. 9, 10 & 11 – which means I am going to be engaged in some serious work in the next few days.

I have already done my ground and prep work - got to get to my brushes now!

Have a little – smile - go ahead click on it - with the “blind test” while I am "otherwise engaged"....

Love and joy to ya'll - left a true Halloween story at WordRapture


Mojo said...

Love your blog...blessings from N. Ireland!

Will call again

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Angel Dust,
Here's some inspiration
(as if you needed any)
for that horse
once upon a midnight hour...

Or you might wanna take a quick look over at sandypiks "Life with horses"

samuru999 said...

You can do it!!!
You have so much talent and lots of heart!

Have a beautiful and joyous day!
I'm off for a walk on this verrrry
cold morning!


Rauf said...

Please do it only if you feel like
not for the sake of competetion.

Its Thursday for me already Angeldust.

Katie McKenna said...

You'll do fabulously!

krystyna said...

Hi Angel.
Your post is as always interesting.
Thanks for - Smile. It is great!
Blessings to you!

Kora said...

hey Angel,
How ya been? Jeez I haven't talked to anyone in a while.
long time no hear right? Just thought i would check up on some people, post a couple new poems... Jeez i have missed everyone. OKay talk with you later


Kora said...

I believe you will do great, keep your chin up and your brushes and thoughts moving. Best of luck.

"Angeldust" said...

Hello ….
Absolutely had to take a break!
I found out while enquiring about “jockey” attire details this AM, that at Fraser Down they only have “drivers” and they exclusively Harness Race.
Ay Chihuahua!!!
Back to the drawing board.
From the three images I had prepared none where otherwise more than “horse” related…. He-he-he

Now, I have finished my wild horse – three more to go.
I must admit that I AM terribly exited and if I can manage to convey what I feel it all be just fine – one thing is to burst at the seams, the other is to translate it to paper!
Different that what I am used to “free style”.

---------- * ------------

(For efficiency sake)

Mojo: Welcome, I am so pleased to have you stop by. Will come by and visit soon.

-------------------------> *

Quasar dear, thank you for “being there” and ready to help.

---------------------> *

Margie dear, thank you for your support/words.

----------------------------> *

Rauf dearest, great advise! I almost didn’t do it. It is a bit last minute but, this has turned out to be good for me… although she was nice, the rebel in my almost, almost walked away from this opportunity.
I don’t believe in “competions”… such an idiotic concept – particularly in art…!!!
So I am doing it for the sake of it, expanding my horizons and the local/regional exposure (since I am already "Internationally Known" lol!)
(It annoys me during the Olympics that fractions of a second make “one athelete better than the other” – how sad!

------------------------ > *

Katie, how sweet you… thank you!

----------------------------- > *

Ktrystyna dearest, thank you for your visits and words.
“smile” is really funny, isn’t it?

-------------------- > *

Kora dear youngen, indeed long time no see.
Hope you are well. Thank you for your visit and words.
Looking forward to read your new poems. Hope you are keeping well!

----------- * -----------

I WILL BE VISITING each and everyone as I am finding time here and there… which will be a bit tight as both the Exhibit entries and WR Gallery Opening (with ribbon cutting) are on the 7th and I might get a last minute call to set up the jewellery – they are so behind….. still painting yesterday PM.

Love, joy and laughter to one and all


Kora said...

You know we love you and we encourage you on your path to greatness. Don't forget to take time for yourself and relieve stress for stress can only cause you trouble in the long run. Good luck and i am sure you will do great now i must go study for my chemistry test tommorrow. I am such a slacker. love ya hun


iamnasra said...

This is my first vist but hope will be many to come ..good luck

Anne-Marie said...

That demand is right up there with the publishers who have told me that I can't possibly get a novel published until I write short stories. Where's the logic???

Hang in there!

samuru999 said...

Sending ((smiles)) and ((hugs))
Have a beautiful day!


krystyna said...

Hi Angel!
Good luck and many blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

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"Angeldust" said...

Hello Nasra
Thank you for your visit and words.
I will visit you place soon. :)


Hello Dear Anne-Marie.
Bridal shower weekend?
A trend-setter you are - location, location, location!


Oh, oh, oh... dear Kora
Thank you for such loving words of confidence.


Margie dear
Smiles and hugs back to you.
Hope you are feeling better and having a joyful weekend.


Dear Krystyna
Loving thoughts going your way.


Hello Clint
Thank you for stopping by.
Will take a peek!

Love and joy to one and all

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Angel Dust, saw your comment at Sandypik's and look forward to you Mustang head watercolour when it dries.
Wishing you a lovely weekend too!

sandy said...

I'd love to see your entry!!!
Harness racing is a small world, even though you are many miles away I actually know folks who race at Fraser Downs.

Gangadhar said...

Post only twice a week? it's highly impossible for me!! hehe..


"Angeldust" said...

Quasar dear,
I am "in love" with "Arenosa"... seriously smitten. My first horse!


Heeeelo Sandy!
I think I might enter two, one of the two harness racing ones and "Arenosa", in that case I'd like to include details of name...
Thank youuu


Ganga - niiiice to see you.
Mondays and Thursdays is a good plan that works for me. Has to. Otherwise I don't get any work done!
And, to top it off I have to admit I stress myself... some of us Latin/Hungarians are not that level-headed at all times... lol
And there is you with "ganga.worldpress.com" Hah!

They keep me going.
Love, joy and laughter