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Monday, December 18, 2006

"Blue Christmas"

Fond Memories of Christmas

past came to mind as I slowly stirred in bed this morn' accompanied by the not so distant sound of the gurgling percolator in the kitchen.

Two distinct ones flowed readily to mind.
One, while I was living at the ranch in the Okanagan when we happened to have one of the most magical snowfalls I can remember for any Christmas Eve.
I was (practically) isolated from it all at my cottage at the end of the road; no one came around to clean it.
I had three dinner guests for whom a sumptuous turkey dinner with all the trimmings was in the works, to be topped off with a lot of my favorite traditional Hungarian seasonal sweets.
Despite the knee-deep snow everyone arrived without delay. We dinned and visited by the glow of many candles and the view of the pristine glistening snow by the moonlight.
It was one the gentlest of Christmas Eves I can remember.
The following day, on the 25th, I was a guest at the main house. A total antithesis, it was the closest I ever came to a traditional (“Hallmark”) North American family celebration. I can still feel 1998 in the air; this one gave a whole new meaning to caroling and pudding –
with its also unforgettably exquisite brandy sauce... mmmmmmm!

The second one to come to mind, was one that my mother and I were going to spend at my place – much to her dislike – as she did not have any other choice…
Sometime in the afternoon of the 24th (which is when I like to celebrate, following the "continental" tradition), in the middle of my preparations, one of my closest friends phoned for an extra last minute greeting.
Upon realizing we were going to be “alone”, she insisted we join her and her family that evening.
They were a “mixed couple”. She, a South American Catholic, him, an European Jew.
Can’t remember which year it was, but Hanukah and Christmas fell on the same date.
Thirteen adults of “mixed” faith sat at the dinning room table and about a half dozen children at the kitchen one…
There was magic in the air as both traditions and cultures merged, by the time we arrived at dessert and the warmest of toasts, we were truly one…

It always, always, pains me to hear yet again-anothertime-we-are-still-fighting-over-religion, as we are caught up in our differences instead of embracing our commonalities.

Many years ago I was gifted with a tiny menorah. It has since become part of “my tradition” to also light Hanukah candles at Christmas…

May you all have a gentle, peaceful and loving holiday season that carries on throughout the year

PS.: Posted some of the newswest pieces of jewellery @ www.AngelDustCreations.blogspot.com

For a "cool" Christmas greeting... http://www.thecompassgroup.biz/merryxmas.swf


samuru999 said...

Thanks for sharing your fond memories!
Many joys and blessings to you this Christmas!

A warm hug from me to you!


Anonymous said...

My belief is that,the purpose of religion is to bring people together not to separate. Have a joyfilled celebration and thank you for sharing such heartwarming stories!

"Angeldust" said...

MGlad to share dear Margie - as we are embracing for yet another strong/heavy storm coming our way.
Our skies have been mostly lead dark lately... much affecting my mood.

Peace, love and joy to you and your dear family

"Angeldust" said...

Yes dear pauline, isn't it ironic all major religions profess the same intent... love, respect, forgiveness, kindness, compassion...

But we have come to "talk around it all" and rationalizing our actions regarding our most basic needs for peace and harmony.

Peace.ove and jou to you and yours

QUASAR9 said...

Angel Dust,
Season greetings back to you

Anonymous said...

Hey guess what. I LOVE christmas...!! and i am single again! woohooo.. free at last free at last. I left him misearable.. and i am finally free. I feel so good. I left him about a month ago and i know i am just telling you.. I thought i had though.. soo oops... yea.. that is what one of those poems stand for.tomorrow and the day after that i got essays. i finally have my drive back. my drive to do good in school. since i got with him it kind of got pushed away.. it is so nice. okay toodles girly.



xmichra said...

those are fabulous memories Angeldust.

Wishing you many more fond memories.. and maybe some more brandy sauce ;)

"Angeldust" said...

And, a hug too dear Q!

"Angeldust" said...

Dear youngen, you have NO idea the relief I felt upon reading your words - my eyes got moist - seriously Kora... life gives this lessons not to be repeated again... from now own you will be able to "smell" it coming, I can garantee that, so that you never-ever find yourself in the same spot again!

A very Merry Christmas to you indeed.

"Angeldust" said...

Xmichra dear, it looks like "fond memories" are on the making, as they started to materialize this eve.
I am all for a quiet, cozy season and it is starting to look like it will unfold with some additional warmth too.

AS for the brandy? Looking forward to it!

Big hug

Anonymous said...

What beautiful memories, AngelDust! With more in the coming years, I'm sure.

Yes, the fighting over religion thing makes me crazy also. The God the Jews pray to for the miracle of the menorah light is the same one we pray to for the miracle of Christ. Doesn't anyone remember that Christ WAS Jewish? Well, we do the best we can to have love and peace in our hearts for all - as I know you do.

I see you used your storm "down time" productively, with all your pretty new pieces! I need to figure out how best to photograph my work, as well.

Blessings and merry Christmas!

"Angeldust" said...

Hello Sunflower

The good news is that some of us have come to terms with Judeo-Christian historical reality and have embraced it as a natural part of our lives - now that we know better!

On the other hand, there is still so much “righteousness” and “fundamentalism” spreading around the world that is causing so much trauma, pain and consequently al the devastating intolerance to be followed by violence…

It all boils down to peoples inability to think and feel on their own, on this “pack” mentality we have. Which at times of need for survival serves us well, but at others keeps us in a self-destructing bondage.

Wishing you and yours all the warmth and wonder of the season

(My Nikon did not turn out to be so good...)

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Angeldust,
May you enjoy another lovely holiday this year and all the best to you and yours for 2007!


Gangadhar said...

those're great memories Angel..loved them.. :)
And i love this season verymuch..And i wish you a wonderful season for ya..

take care

"Angeldust" said...

Thank you dear Anne-Marie, it is shaping up to be one...

"Angeldust" said...

Dear Ganga, this can be an enjoyable season indeed.
Thank you for your good wishes.
My best wishes also to you and your family.

iamnasra said...

Hope you will have a lovely X-mas ...

"Angeldust" said...

Thank you very much Narsra, best wishes to you always

Anonymous said...

Hi Angel!
Have a wonderful time enjoying whtewer is fun to you, this Christmas.

"Angeldust" said...

Warm gentle time with friends...
dear Krystyna - much joy to you and your yours

sandy said...

Lovely memories Angeldust, I wish you many more, and a very merry Christmas to you and yours.

"Angeldust" said...

Thank you Sandy - my best wishes to you and yours too!

VallyP said...

Hi Angel, just wanted to wish you a wonderfully peaceful and loving festive season this year. I loved your accounts of your two most memorable Christmases. Both examples of what this special time of love and unity should be.

I had to say farewell to my dear old dad last week and next week I will join my family to put him to rest, so Christmas this year will have a special poignancy and sadness, but the upside is that my dad is now at peace and it gives the rest of us in the family an opportunity to be close to each other. that doesn't happen all to often!
Love to you and yours Angel, Val

trinitystar said...

I too have a continental background. Are you Hungarian decent?
Hungarian creativity :o)
Love your art and jewelery.
hugs for you. :o)
Happy Christmas ... may it be filled with joy. Good health and happiness for the New year.

Metalchick said...

Hi Angeldust,
Hope you have a Happy Holidays and a Rockin' New Year!

"Angeldust" said...

Dear Vally I am sorry to hear about your dad - please accept my heartfelt condolences.

Love and many blessings to your and yours

"Angeldust" said...

Trinitystar dear, yes both my parents were born in Hungary. They left Europe as children before WW2 broke out.

HUngarians are "survivors" and that takes "creativity" .... :)
How about you?

I appreciate your kind comments
Much love and joy to you and yours

"Angeldust" said...

And you Chick - have a HeavyMetalRockin' one!

Thanks and a big hug

trinitystar said...

Kursenam sepa ... Grandma from Zeged ... Love the Hungarian temprement. Made a trip to Budapest couple of years ago ... and mums cousin had the Gypsy play the violin for me ... there is nothing like that feeling when it gets straight to the heart. Hence when she returned from her trip she took up violin lesson ... sadly she does not play like an angel ... but like a cats choir in the alley ... well she does try.
Nice to meet you. :o)

"Angeldust" said...

Ah... here you are.
Good pheonetic spelling.

What a wonderful experience.
I would have liked to go, still, I might just make it.
(I was serenaded by a Hungarian gypsy violinist some years back on top of Grouse MOuntain - at the restaurant - not quiet the same as in BUdapest, but the music........ah...the music......)

ON the other hand that violin playing of your mother's sounds really painful! My sympathy goes out to you! lol