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Friday, March 09, 2007

(I have been in a lot of physical (stomach) pains, this last two weeks;
I am sorry I did not adventure much farther than my blog,
I can hardly attend to things I have planned in bursts and spurts... sorry!)
The importance of WORDS
No "Yak- Yak" for me!!!
- Part Two - previously posted on Feb 28.

While there are a lot of things we cannot change (?), there is one that is in a constant wave of change: language.

Words and their use are for ever molding who we are (then, Chomsky may have other ideas or, do we agree?) as language changes sometimes come with incredible speed and unmeasurable damaging implications.
Thus the concept of "spinning" was born and perfected during the present Bush Administration and during the hopefully now defunct political correctness madness period.
"Truthiness" was resuscitated by Steven Colbert and became the "word of the year 2006".

Now, we are coming to understand that words do have an impact and that old adage: sticks and stones can hurt you but words cannot, has been proven to be completely wrong. (Some of us knew this aaaaaaaaall along!)

As NA society has been relentlessly pushed into a corner by "terrorism" fear mongers (something like being kept barefoot and pregnant?) with no room to escape, people are adapting their behaviour to that, of what that fear language provokes... and it manifest itself everywhere, including places of worship, in all kinds of derogatory and aggressive rhetoric.

We can change that by refusing to buy into this new "concepts" and the use of such words, by mindfully using another language - that of logic, love and compassion - truth and reality!!!
I found out the other day, to my dismay, that simply because I believe and strongly advocate for Human Rights, and I am for peace - I have become a "leftist" - I am part of the group now shamelessly labeled "the left" - while "the (new righteous) right" is actually "pro war and domination/abuse of various sorts".

Have we all gone mad that we just watch this unfold in front of us, and do not actively "mold" the language to reflect our (other)reality?

(It IS official since this week, the show "This hour has 22 minutes" has resuscitated the word "Commie", as I feared it would happen sooner or later, AND the Canadian Army is shamelessly recruiting (as seen in new TV ad) in the name of that which is decent and must be restored or preserved to "fight for" - so we had gone with this new Conservative Government in less than a year from a traditional Peace Keeping Force to full right-out warriors, actively engaging in violence, "fighting" for peace, to end poverty ... etc...)Way to go Canada - backwards!


Regarding my personal/project needs - Under this same language banner - during the Feminist Theology workshop, the suggestion that we should be done with trying to create "a new wave" of Feminist Movement (yeahhh...), we should be looking at calling it (as we are all profoundly "integrationists" in this group anyway) an Anthropological Movement (as uttered by Sally McFague)... sounded good and exiting to me, until one of our more mischievous male members quietly said with a smile ... you know, "anthro" is Greek fr... he did not have to finish, as I immediately realized we were going to be caught-up again in the semantics of it all! He-he-he

OK then, back to my own drawing board... how am I going to call what I am doing now ... as I am not really comfortable with the word "Feminist" as it does not describe accurately all what I think and feel - Only one portion of it - could I call it "Integrationist Feminism"?

Integrationist Movement? Maybe, I can used them interchangeably... as I know for sure I am going to be addressing/focusing on the "Biology of Sacred Feminine" which is something that is inescapable for all of us!


Update March 3, 2007

After researching the different options as for their meanings "INTEGRATIONIST" is the word!

It shall be called from now on : "Integrationist Movement" ("Integrationist Feminism"/Integrationist Feminist Movement").

con. bellow...


ANNA-LYS said...

"Words don't come easy" some singer sung ... still words just can pop up and be very hurtful, indeed. But, silence and mimic are often more hurtful ... because they leave us with our own imagination and horror.

We use words to define and identify or selves and our intentions ... like You are searching for a "labelling" on your "movement".

Everytime we chose such things we are at the same time sharply telling what we are not. Even if that is not the purpose ... I have been there ... like a roller coaster of words. Words has different meanings in different cultures and are also situated to time and space. For the moment I myself are back where I started ... circles, circles ... I see myself as humanist lol ... from now and then ... cyberist ;-)

But, your post gave me doubt ... maybe humanoidist or a little ant ... wonder ... Ant-hropologue in Cyberspace?

"Angeldust" said...

You hit the nail on the head reagrding "silence"...
But, I am finding out that it is not so much the silences as much as what our imagination does based on our past experiences.

Yes, I am searching for a "brand name" - something that if I mention it, brings on an understanding without much explanation.

Going around in circles must be a natural progress in one's life... no?
Don't think is the same circle though!

I call my self a "humanitarian", yet, I believe that word is almost exclusively associated with philantropy - it will come!

Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it.


Ruth said...

What about calling what you do "Integral Feminism"? A bit simpler, and it's the new buzz word for the integrated, holistic way of looking at things. Or maybe that's a reason NOT to use it? But I don't think Ken Wilber would mind.

"Angeldust" said...

Dear Ruth

This is very timely.
(Great minds think alike!)
Will have to look up Ken Wilber and see what is he all about.

"Integrated", present as in "manifesting" the desired state.

Got to think about this, as at this moment "integrated" sounds like a done deal - I'm describing here how language affects me emotionally - as opposed to "integrational" which suggests "motion".

I am glad you dropped in and took the time to make this suggestion.
I like an educated discussion with different views.

Thank you Ruth
Big hug

Katie McKenna said...

Wow! Definitely something to think about!

"Angeldust" said...

This is new thinking for me too dear Katie
- I think I will call my special project in the works, the ideas/feelings/experiences behind them "Integrationist Feminism"/ "Integrationist Movement"/Integrationist Feminist Movement"

I am working on a Manifesto to accompany my first exhibit of this genre; it begins with "All is One"...

Lover and joy to you

Rauf said...

There are organised views Angel, if you deviate from them you are a leftist. If you deviate from leftist views you are called mad, thats what I am. I yell at both left and right.

Been traveling a lot Angel, when I get back I find that I can't do anything but sleep. This time by road. I don't like the highways, they are too good, but that is not the way I want to travel, went with a couple of friends. Was a bit reckless with food and had problems luckily only after I reached home.
lots of love Angel

"Angeldust" said...

Hello dear Raufie,
I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well - one sometimes over-indulges in the "good life"

Hope you feel better soon...
I have been having awful stomach pains for the last couple of weeks - can't figure out why...

I was commenting to friends that we wil soon be called "comies" and I got a bit of a stare - a couple of days ago one of our political comedy programs did do a sketch using the word "comie"! I know we are just inches aways fromt hat insanity again.
The political spinners are trying to polarize us all, pushing us to both extremes in order to justify their shananigans...

You should see the shameles Army recrutment comercial they began running on television - the bottom line: you can only gain all that is just and peaceful with violence!!!
I was so appaled I phoned the Prime Minister's Office and shared my two bits with them.
This Gov. is not a half receptive as the the previous LIberal was... I could sense it in the conversation with the Aid.

Big, big hug and lots of love
Do take good care and rest lots

Metalchick said...

Hi Angeldust,
I know it's been a while since I've been here, but it's looks like you've got a lot of great new posts here. I'll have to read them later on. I just wanted to drop by to say hi.

"Angeldust" said...

Hi sweetie, nice to see you!
Take your time...
pass "the word"

Annelisa said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry you're not feeling well, Angeldust! I hope you're better since this post!

I studied linguistics at university, as one of my psychology courses. I totally agree words can shape the way we behave, and what we believe. I try to be careful, all the time, to use positive words. I'm not always successful, though.

My son, when he was five, turned round and said to me, "Mum, why do you always say 'I love you, but...'" He then said to me "If you told me what I was doing wrong, and then finished it with '...'but I love you', it makes it so much nicer, and I don't mind it then!"

(and this was when he was five -talk about out of the mouths of babes!!)

Ever since then, I am always conscious how I speak to the children, and try to leave them with a positive self image. If they've done wrong, I don't say 'you're bad', but 'you did a bad thing' - they know it's a behaviour they can change, then, instead of themselves, which they believe unchangeable...

btw - long time no see because I'm writing my novel (see Words that Flow :-)

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Angel Dust, Alas, life is such
We can wonder thru the universe, galaxies and stars with the mind
but reality is the body we are IN

Some may say you can make pain go away - but that is like saying you can make hunger go away.
Food for hunger, pain relief and relaxation for pain. Mind you some pain won't let one relax, think, sleep or eat.

Hope you are feeling better
Dusties to yah!

"Angeldust" said...

Dearest Annelisa

Unfortunately no, not better. Someone suggested it must be the stomoach flue – three weeks of awful pain – one more to go?
It has completely altered the rhythm of my life. Not to say that I am beginning to et preoccupied. Will give it a few more days and off to the doc I go!

Words, add to them tone of voice and body language and you have either a pleasant or very unpleasant experience….
I have a Baha-i friend that never addresses her family or friends without the “prefix” dear; that is why I began using it myself - not for cheesy, but for harmony and comfort reasons…

It is amazing what may come out of the little mouths – you little guy obviously had very healthy points of reference.
Isn’t it amazing what we can learn/teach when we treat each other with respect?

As soon as I am somewhat “caught-up” with my life I pop over and take a peak at the novel…

((Big Hug))

"Angeldust" said...

Quasar Dear
The body, the body, the body!!!

I am grateful, that for the most part I am told “you are as healthy as a horse” (how feminine!)

Yet, the body is a stage where one’s life plays out to the fullest and most honest…

I am trying to relax. I am actually “forced” by the pain to lay down and just “enjoy the vertical position” as much as I can .

This too shall pass.

Thank you for your visit and “commiseration” with me…

Loads of dusties to you my friend.

Katie McKenna said...

Always interesting! I hope that you are feeling better soon!

"Angeldust" said...

Thank you dear Katie

Songo said...

Is the word what it represents?
Or is it just a symbol?
What is a code, what is a sign, what is a symbol?
Is it all the same?
How we use the words, to build, to destroy, to create, for better, for worse?
The verb, the word, the Essential BEING...
The endless Debate

"Angeldust" said...

Well Songo

For some there is not much debate - words carry an energy, and such energy has "power" either to build or destroy - contaminaate or contribute...

A code, a sign a symbol?
While we are immersed in all of the above little do we know of their meaning... only if we "name it" we give each one of them "power", and that is not only archetypal, but also our very personal one ...

Nice little tour "de force"

Thanks for the visit and words!
Erudite opinions always welcome .