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Sunday, March 04, 2007

"Creative Cocooning"
- Part Six - Originally posted on Feb.28.07
I will admit that it is with a mixture of heightened excitement and wobbling trepidation (?) that I am taking myself into this phase.
I will be working on the many sketches I have managed to create this last couple of months still having to do some fine-tuning to remain accurate/faithful to my research.
In sharing, was told by a Pastor/friend that "I was called", that I was a "Prophet"... aeehhhhhhhhhhhh
The weight of those highly symbolic/archetypal words (words again - power filled!)did not fall wayside, they nestled in my soul as a clear "responsibility". They gave me the determination and strength to follow-up, to continue and expand (waaaay outside my former box)- in order to share with all - my view, my observations on the "Biology of our Sacred Feminine", everyone's Biology of the Sacred Feminine , not only women's...
I will not be posting for a while, although I will be answering and visiting - cannot see how I cannot - it may not be daily, but we will keep in touch.
I have just posted a couple of completed works www.studiogaleria.blogspot.com - not related to "The Sacred" - as I will be saving those for a one time "unveiling"...
Also, I'm most likely going bringing home some jewellery pieces in the next week and post for sale www.AngelDustCreations.blogspot.com
Chech out the rest of my photos and poetry/prose at www.WordRapture.blogspot.com ? If, and when done with all of these ones, and there isn't anything else to do... há ... lol!!!
As Rauf taught me:
Lots of love and hugs ...
as well as joy and laughter!
The End - Fin


krystyna said...

Hi Angeldust!
Thank you very much for your wonderful work!
Absolutely Great!
Take good care and God bless YOU!

Kora said...

So darling are you looking into Wicca? I am doing some research as well and am very excited to see your works. Thank you for your e-mails i really enjoy them. You have definetly been going to town haven't you. I am happy to hear that you are thinking outside of your box and have found inspiration for artwork. As always can't wait to hear from you... And i hope you get plenty of inspiration from your surrounding world. Love ya


annalena brych said...

Thanks for your comment. Would typed earlier, but has not felt good.
Greetings Annalena

Anne-Marie said...

Enjoy your creative time- it's indeed precious!

Margie said...

So nice to have a visit from you!
Been such a long day here!
I am beat..
We need to talk...soon!
But, we would chat forever, and I would hate to distrub your creative time!
Soon though!

P.S hey, I think we are getting a puppy!

"Angeldust" said...

Thank you for your caring spirit dear Krystyna...

"Angeldust" said...

Not yet dear Kora...
I am having a one track mind - take a peek at the archives!
I'll visit soon.

Keep well - love ya too.

"Angeldust" said...

Annalen dear,
we all have those days...
thank you for your visit

Hope you keep well

"Angeldust" said...

OH.. I can stay here Anne-MArie dear - I picked up some of the mats (earlier today) for the shows and tickled pink and giddy with joy - they look soooo cool.

Travel safe
Love to yous

"Angeldust" said...

ouuouuuuuuuuuuuuhh dear Margie
a rubbery, four legged furry one, eh?

You will have a lot of joy building a new friendship.
Getting one now or later on, after your trip...?

Big hug
You can call (and try your luck - lol!)

Rauf said...

Suddenly i spotted my name there.

'you are too materialistic'
gawd help these philosophers Angel.
I drool when i see iPODs, I have cheap chinese ones, they are pretty good actually. lot of things lot of drool, I am materialistic. I would love to wear a t-shirt you painted, if you have not painted a t-shirt so far please paint one for me.

Dearest Angel, yes please take your time, take good rest. get fresh ideas. i have been too slow in blogging, going to Banaras on 10th, have to get well before that.

loads of love and lots of hugs Angel, hoping they will not break your delicate ribs

"Angeldust" said...

my longish response has vanished dear Raufie.

I will respond tomorrow - please take care, keep well.

Loads of love and hugs back to you

vinay said...

lemme check out the completed ones!!!and yeah keep cmg!!!look forward tio ur commnets the most!!

"Angeldust" said...

Raufie - left words at the other posts below.. :)

"Angeldust" said...

Hi Vinay - thanks for visit.
You got a fan here...