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Monday, February 19, 2007

Roses are red
Violets are blue (?)
Daffodils are sunshine upon my soul .....

It is still raining around here... not much has changed since my last "weather report".
These daffodils were a gift from Janice.
They reminded me that I used to have an "ongoing gratitude list", which in time got reduced to a post whenever something was a tad more than the ordinary - or the ordinary in a different warm light... all stopped, as someone had decided to systematically flag all my "In Gratitude" posts at my former "MischiefMusings blog. I salvaged most it's content.

Bellow, sharing the last month I posted.


October 2005

In Gratitude for:
great distances...
unexpected and excruciating times of reflection and introspection and, coming out of them with a smile in my heart
my cozy bed and pillows
my home
the CBC staff back on the air with almost regular programing!
Thanksgiving Celebrations
laughing with Carolina for hours at the time
darling Simon and Daniel - what a charge!
dearest Kelly
darling Dahleal and Maleeh giving new meaning to the word "melt"
Albert for making an effort to give me "some" notice and for being a good "mother hen"
Frans for being a good (and tender) sport - and, his monumental fall bouquet for me!
Cristina for her pleasant integration/association
my crazy/fun (winter black/around the neighbourhood) comment and smile inspiring denim handbag
frozen salmon steaks
the very few that really believe in me
the very few that really love me
Clue and his insisting, loving eyes
the very few that still push my buttons - again...
my great grandmother Julia's genes - wow!
the crazy "spirit" of my computer - more in "tune" than myself
rainy days
luscious greens
chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
fuchsia blooms on my Christmas cactus
Lorraine's plant
"Godlove's" insight - doo-doo-pee-doo!
Charlie's memory
my "angels": Emma, Eliza, Trixie, Bob, Megan, Portia (and Dixie - miles away)
Doc. L. and Ashley
sail boats
"special" late night phone calls
James and everything about James
life "turning on a dime"
the infinite ability of the Universe to grant... to give
loosing weight walks with a good rhythm, rain or shine!
my pension
extra income from creativity


In gratitude for all those people in my life that are making a difference either in person or on line... at this very moment. In gratitude for you.


Anne-Marie said...

Aww, how sweet. I love daffodils- they have the prettiest shape.

Here's hoping the rain goes soon!

"Angeldust" said...

Nice to see you around dear Anne-Marie.

Yes, I do hope the otherwise "lovely" rain goes away for a while.

You had quiet a dumping of snow too. - Mu good ness we had quiet a winter dindn't we?

Sunflower Optimism said...

Angeldust, I absolutely love daffodils! They are almost as cheery as sunflowers. In the woods in front of my house we get literally hundreds of daffodils. I counted over a thousand, once. I did not plant them - they are a gift from God and I love to cut them and give them away by the dozens - 20, 30 dozen doesn't even make a dent. I can't wait. It makes me so happy to be able to give them away by the armload! :-)

Many thanks for you, dear friend!

Rauf said...

They are a beauty dearest Angel,
Have not seen them around here Perhaps they are not tropical flowers. I remember William wordworth's poem 'daffodils' We have sunflowers though.

Music and reading is the best for rainy days, doesn't much generate creativity though.

I am grateful for grate many things Angel, and I am grateful for being alive to experience pleasure and pain. We do our best to make our lives least painful as possible.

Rauf said...

I am grateful to the people who have inspired me in the field of music art and literature. and I am grateful to dearest Angeldust for inspiring me.

lots of love and hugs

"Angeldust" said...

Dearest Sunflower

I can just imagine having a see of daffodils in front of me...

I will share a secret with you, I also like the yellow of the dandelions - which has become such an unwelcome one... so pretty too!

Have a wonderful day!
Love and joy to you

"Angeldust" said...

Nice to see you around dearest Rauf

(One gets preoccupied when not knowing you r whereabouts trains explode in India – they never specified so I ended up looking up on the net and concluded that you may not have been on it – that far north you would have told us of the plan…)

OK, now down to “business”…. I don’t recall daffodils in Argentina or Uruguay either. But Poinsettias grown large as trees!
And scented jasmine winds up rough iron trellises, and magnolias … and oranges, and persimmons……..

I have only a few secrets, less than a handful I believe, and this is not one of them… go check it out. Surprise! www.WordRapture.blogspot.com

Biiiiig Hug

"Angeldust" said...

The feeling is absolutely mutual, Rauf dearest

Lots of looooove and laughter

vinay said...

change the font colour!!! it is strainful for a 24 year old eye!!!!!maybe you were trying to match them with the daffodils right!!!

"Angeldust" said...

Is "that" all you have to say?

Young MR. Vinay.... It is strainful for a 24 year old eye?

Can you even begin to imagine how strainful it is for ME?


Yes - I try to "match" (or harmonize) things....
My apologies (not)


FANCY said...

Thanks for the comments in our blogposts.

The daffodils is something who reminds me about the easter and that the cold winter is get to the end, spring is comming and prepare us for the summer here in Sweden. I have been round on your blog's and I am filled with admiration.
I wonder when I read your post here what you meen by that your gratitude post have been "flag"?

"Angeldust" said...

HEllo fancy - welcome
daffodils also signal Spring, a hopeful heart for us

I see you are just as baffled as I was.
Flagging is for offensive/objectionable material so, the first time I noticed, I thought it must have been an accident...
But upon subsequently "Google-ing" myself, I found that all (and only) my "In Gratitude" posts were flagged.

I contacted Google and so on and so forth...and they removed those "flagged/soiled" links to the blog and they gave me all sort of reassurances of not being shut down, etc..

I could not imagine knowing someone so mean and ugly of spirit...
So, right now I am on a "test mode" as I think I have figured out whom might have been - somoene from my city!

It is a fascinating lesson in human nature and the many shades trust must have...

Thank you for your kind words and for asking

ANNA-LYS said...

Sorry to hear of your flaging. And thanks for visiting MuseArt :-)
IF you are interest of making a post or many (hopefully) please contact us by the e-mail on our site.

(( hugs ))

"Angeldust" said...

I visited your personal blog, was unable to leave comment.

Thank you for the invite.
A great idea!

((hug back))

krystyna said...

Hi Angeldust!
Woow! What a beautiful picture! I love these flowers. In Poland daffadils name - narcissus.
But I found this info:
Feng Shui:
Feng Shui adherents believe the flower brings good luck for the next twelve months if forced to bloom at New Year.
Language of Flowers:
In Victorian times daffodils signified regard, while narcissi meant self-esteem or even vanity.
Daffodils are being grown for Galanthine, a substance in the bulbs being used to fight Alzheimer's.
Thanks for sharing your interesting post.

Peace Love Happiness!

vinay said...

the infinite ability of the Universe to grant... to give...reminds me of Paulo Coelho..i believe in it like every warrior of light!!!!!!!!
it does make one feel happy at heart!!!!!!i mean...in some region of your heart....a flower blooms...and it spreads. the fragrance...and u feel happy..inside!!!

Deepak Gopi said...

"I wandered lonely as a cloud
that floats over hills.......
Seeing that daffodiles those lines came to my mind.
Hope you had a nice film fest
good day :):)

"Angeldust" said...

Hello dear Krystyna

Yes, "narsisos" in Spanish now that you mention it... I forgot all about knowing then back home, hmmmmmm!!!
(I wonder what else I forgot?)

When our weather is "normal" we can have then bloom as early as mid-January

A little confused about the two Victorian definitions... (?)
Good news about it having elements useful to treat Alzheimer's.

I have the feeling your comment was better than my post!

Any time Krystyna.
Big Hug

"Angeldust" said...

Hello dear Vinay

the infinite ability of the Universe to grant... to give...

lovely sound/concept, I totally agree with you!

(I am reading Inez by Carlos Fuentes, now more than ever I must insist you find him and read him - he will inspire you - I have an idea I will follow up on and let you know in a few days...)


"Angeldust" said...

Hello Deepak

got that poem with another pic at my www.wordrapture.blogspot site.

How interesting that you and Rauf mentioned it - oh, I got me some erudite friends!

The film Festival went great.
I will be posting an update with a few good pics, on Friday or Sat., do come by!

Thanks for visit.

Annelisa said...

And a return thanks to you... for being you!

Paul said...

Good list, would have resembled mine prior to the loss of health.

I'm grateful for the strength to survive the loss of nearly all the things I used to have to be grateful for. I'm grateful for, because of this, running squarely up against what I expeience as the source of an unassailable peace - although in all honesty I would have preferred to have kept more joy and had this peace thing more in the background!

But some things aren't chosen and in such cases "Why not me?" is better than "Why me?"

Katie McKenna said...

I love daffodils, the beauty, the symbol of Spring for me after a long winter.

So bright and wondrous; like you .

"Angeldust" said...

Annelisa dear...
so nice to see you, I guess everyone is over the sniffles!

The feeling is mutual!
Love and joy to all of ya

"Angeldust" said...

Dear Paul,
It apperas we might have had some simmilar experiences.
I had a monumental meltdown in '94 and lost, and lost and lost!

The "reconstruction" has taken years - life is never, ever the same once one goes through some major health/spiritual event...

Can't say I have found peace, although I have found some wisdom I lacked and the realization that "poverty sucks" - it is beyond my comprehention how people can spend an entire life living in poverty, as the finantial lack is only one aspect of it, generally speaking...
I obviously believe I had to learn this.

(Last night at the workshop we had Sally McFague for a couple of hours, she had advanced for us a draft of the first chapter of her next book - you might be familiar with her - might I say... It was totally "radical".
I (never heard of her prior and had no idea when I came home and Googled her what I was going to find...WOW - wow!
If this material would be taken a seriously - as it is - the "Chistian Church" would finally, definitely move to the 21st Century - with fireworks!)

Keep well
Love and joy

"Angeldust" said...

Hello beautiful miss Katie

Thank you for your kind words!
Love and joy

vinay said...

no new posts???where are youuuu

"Angeldust" said...

Hello sweetie

I have/am preparing a biiig one... and just posted at www.WordRapture.blogspot.com

Also, I volunteered to be the Festival's "official photog" so I had to download and fiddle with them and pass on, etc., etc.,

Then, sometimes when I wake up in th emorning I feel like writing so I am in "word - rapture" until I find photos and post!

I probably will be done tomorrow Saturday - was too tired tonight, could not get warmed-up... a sign to let go of things.

Take good care - I will come over soon. Hope to read something super-cool.

PS: Then, there is the laundry, the cooking, the cleaning, the meetings...workshops... (other mischievious bloggers)

vinay said...

hhehe!!it is late!!ur up!!so u must be real busy!!!it is 13:30 here in india now!!!lunch timee...so smethg big is cmg up!!cool!!!will wait for it!!!!

"Angeldust" said...

bon appetit!