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Friday, April 20, 2007

Virginia - Update
April 20, 2007
PS.: News are News. Media outlets should not be expected to pick and chose what "we would like to see".
It is high time that we get it as undiluted as it comes. Getting "real" as a viewer/citizen would be a first step toward this ambitious new step on the evolution scale.
As much as I feel for the families to those killed, I am also interested in what brought this young man, this human being - whose behaviour I do not condone under any circumstances - to take such unforgivable action.

Are we afraid to find out if we might possible have had a role or responsibility - as a society ?

What does our conscience say, once past the fog of "outrage and anger"?

Why are children as young as 4 trying to commit suicide? Why did teenage suicide reach - already a few years back - epidemic proportions?

Why is School Bullying still an issue?


source of publication unknown




What are we teaching by example?

My heart goes out to all the survivors and the families of innocent civilians and those of fallen soldiers - in the name of peace - around the world.
Also, my heart goes out to all of those displaced by war, draught, persecution, hunger ... All those suffering in lack of any of their basic survival needs and their right to live with dignity.


I like to take this opportunity to extend my condolences to the families of all those killed today at Virginia Tech.



"Angeldust" said...

I got the photo via email (with a rather angry note) from a fellow blogger

The photo in itself is moving, the caption on the other hand - and I hope you click to enlarge - adds another dimension altogether to the story.

The next item I noticed in the mailbox was the BBC's braking news subject on the killing rampage in Virgina.

I don't know about you, but the impact of these two, particularly one after the other, deeply unsettled me and once again made me wonder where is it exactly that we are heading with all of this expanding and ever exploding violence in our midst…

Where are we headed with its enormous consequences?

The huge toll of all this lack of sensitivity and empathy for one another will take generation to heal... make ammends... to forgive...

When do we begin?

Anne-Marie said...

Such a waste, all this violence.

I hope we will have peace in our lifetimes.

"Angeldust" said...

But, what are we actively doing about it Anne-Marie dear?

I feel that trying to raise awarness is no longer enough...

Katie McKenna said...

One can keep putting efforts into awareness. That is very important ... but I agree, we need changes. The question is there are so many facets. Which one?

"Angeldust" said...

Good question Katie

Oprah is finally taking up the much overdue task to address the issue with Leaders of the Afro-American Community in a Town Hall meeting style of 2 program back to back.

The firing of Imus apparently precipitated the question: "NOW WHAT?"
She began yesterday facilitating ... the atempt tounravel and hopefully make a 190° turn....

I briugh the subject up in various forms in these past few months, th elatest was the Thursday, April 12 post.

Hope the j-o-b-s are going well and you still all in one piece!

Big Hug

As to your question.
Which one?
The one that gets to you most, I'd say...

(Language, how we express ourselves and how others address us is very important also to me... We have become to "familian" to tolerating of "inapropriate" interaction.
Some things like "repect" should never go out of fashion, yet there is hardly any in our society - generally speaking - these days...)

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Alicia,
I can only continue to lead by example and work on the next generation that comes to me in little waves at school.
As the fabulous Voltaire said, "il faut cultiver son jardin." If everyone did that, the crops would be plentiful.


"Angeldust" said...

Absolutely true!

Big hug

Margie said...

I meant to leave a comment here yesterday, but we got talking and I forgot!
But, now that I am here...
I am at a loss for words!
Feeling very sad!

Take care!
So good to talk with you!

"Angeldust" said...

Hugs back to you dear Margie

iamvisheshur said...

first time around here..
yes the incident was real bad,but coming to reality
the same amount of people die in iraq ,kashmir,afghanisthan and countries where poverty and hunger are prominent.....

it is really really sad..the world is really virtue less....

"Angeldust" said...

Welcome Visheshur

Yes, the little child's family in the photo above have all been killed...in Iraq
(Don’t know if you read the caption bellow).
My thoughts, feelings and words included all you mentioned – no exclusions!

Despite being this far away (and seemingly removed from it all) it deeply affects me to witness and be cognoscente of this kind of useless suffering.

My grandfather was a prisoner of war for 5 years; my family migrated from Europe to SOuth America from there, to Canada...

I have been witnessing displacement and death of peoples since the age of 8 and, as an adult worked with refugees for 25 years... or more!

There isn't a word to express adequately what we do to each other - to ourselves.

After all, WE ARE ONE ...

Thank you for you visit and words
Hope you come back

Peace, Love and Laughter

trinitystar said...

Are we doing anything? Im not sure.
What I do know is that it is always the innocent that have to suffer the most.
Why dont the cronies in the government send their kids into the killing fields and take themselves.
The way I see it all ... it is all for greed ... for wanting more.
Sad, so sad young lives lost.
hugs for you.
Good debating topic.

"Angeldust" said...

I have been entertaining the following, dear TrinityStar:

Those heads of state that wish to resolve matters by means of war, should do so - going into combat themselves personally and only themselves, leaving the rest of their populations out of it.

I do wonder IF they would be so readily willing to give up their lives and comforts for their causes OR would they instead find alternative ways to resolve conflict...

I would make it INternational LAw!!!

Suspecting that this would be followed by a period of rich renaseance .... on the dark side, finding we are procreating way to much - lol - thus over-burdening the Earth and having even further sustainability issues...

Still, I go for peace and "planned parenthood"

Big Hug

Rauf said...

told you we are a violent race dearest Angel. There is no hope of ending violence. It will continue until the earth decides to take up matters.

Rauf said...

I really have doubts over 'good prevails over evil'

lots of love and hugs Angel

"Angeldust" said...

Dearest Raufie, sadly you are speaking truths...

We have been killing one another since the dawn of civilization - how long will it take uss to "evolve" out of this state of distaste!

I am very sad about all this - sometines is worst than others...this is one of those times!

Lots of love an hugs back to you

trinitystar said...

Here! here!

Pauline said...

This may be too simplistic but I say "Bring back basic discipline within the home, schools, society in general....we have all become talk addicts just pass the dam palm of your hand and forget the social planners who have no off spring and continue to inform us of how to raise our own!Restore parental rights!!!
My I think you pressed a button somewhere. XXX OOO

"Angeldust" said...

Thank you sweetie

Too many - enough studies - and too little common sense and compassion!

And, the BS that violent images do not create violence... well maybe not directly they don't, but it becomes an acceptable way of communication.

I came on line to write a letter to the New York Times Editor (I will publish here also.)

But, in the meantime, let me tell you, I came to North America when the Fonzie was an "edgy" character on Nightime TV :) and the most violent show was "The Untouchables", based on mostly historical facts...
People were running around naked and "loving each other"...
Some corporations were making a decent profit and shared it with their workers...

Overall there was this sense of decency in the air... real or not, we believed our own projected healthy image.

Perfect? NOooo!
But this unravelling is costing us too much, as a society we are truly out of control.

Big Hug dear Pauline,
Love, joy and laughter to you and yours

I do feel like we need our buttons pressed.

iamvisheshur said...

to sum up..as shakespeare asked-who will bear the whips and scorns of time??

it is time to think,time to save our specie the human race..haste is action is needed there is no time....

life is becoming a hell...in the name of virtue we have done too much damage...
the damned virtue which is no good...

we are a virtue less race!

"Angeldust" said...

Can't add one single word!

Great comment.

Thank you Visheshur
Peace, love and joy to you

krystyna said...

What are we doing about it?
What are we teaching by example?

I think theses your questions giving many thoughts.

"no hope of ending violence" as Rauf said is true, because we do not honest and respect human being and other creatures.

Many blessings to you!

"Angeldust" said...

Provoking thought is the what I aim at dear Krystyna - to push some (action) buttons, over and above our daily routines!

Pauline said...

I cannot answer these troubling questions. I have attempted to write and express the many pains of one persons choice. Please read my article "The Slightest Gesture" and do comment. I am only sharing this in the hope that someone will benefit and learn that we are connected to each other. No one is alone, no one is without help, if they but ask.
Love and hugs.

"Angeldust" said...

Dear PAuline I'll be over ASAP

Thank you for sharing...I can just inagine as I believe "the slightest gesture"...