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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Peace Love and Joy
to all creatures great and small!
... click and enjoy!
Monday 23
German scientists have arrived to the conclusion through research that, the reason why the bees are dying is that they being confused by cell phone waves, and as they cannot find their way home, they die...
So, I ask: Do we want to continue with this "alienating communication method" OR, do we want our great-grandchildren to eat?


krystyna said...

Hi AngelDust!
I hope you have great weekend!
In my place this weekend is really beautiful! Sunny and fresh outside!
I like and need it. Winter was little too long.
I wish you many, many beautiful days!
Angel, you do great work!Thanks!

Anne-Marie said...

Happy Earth Day!

Liz said...

I am late but Happy Earth Day :)

~ you have a very beautiful blog, will be back.

Pauline said...

Thank you for that wonderful start to this day. I spend yesterday breathing crisp clean salt air while perched upon huge rocks tossed aside from the last noreaster we experienced. To view the ocean and enjoy its sweetness.
Again thank you for this wonderful post, it has left me teary eyed.

Rauf said...

Beautiful pictures Dearest Angel, never heard of Earth day.

Katie McKenna said...

Happy Earth Day, Happy Day, everyday!

"Angeldust" said...

Dear Krystyna,
It is already Tuesday - and it IS raining again; went for long (5? mile) walk yesterday to get some (more) supplies I needed for completing the set-up for the shows... It's all about that now and my reaction the the news from the outside world!

Sunday was a glorious day - and I worked inside all day - hope you enjoyed yours to the last minute.
Big hug


Anne-MArie dear, thank you, I am catching up with the flock... I can feeeeeeeeel it!
Love and joy to yous


Pauline dear, I glanced at all of it from my windows and balcony - looked really good and it was WARM!
Inside and out
Big Hug

------------ ~ * ~ *

Raufie dearest
For you and for me Earth day is everyday (like Christmas).
I am happy that A day has been Internationally designated for HER.

I first heard of it in 1990; Was way up North in the PRovince of Alberta, the town was almost deserted as most of them were up the mountain celebrating... kind of a cool/hippy-ish event, loved it!
Has been slowly gaining notoriety outside the "tree huggers" world.
Big Hug

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .

Katie dear (up for air?)
Happy every day!
Big HUg