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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

= A little bit of sunshime goes a long way...
Blooms are coming along nicely, photographed them last Wednesday afternoon.
For you, enjoy!



Pauline said...

Oh so very beautiful, I can almost smell the fragrance :)

Margie said...

Thanks for adding sunshine to my day!
Been thinking of you!
How are you?
Busy as ever here!
Will call soon!

luv ya!


"Angeldust" said...

Dear PAuline,
you should have seen and heard the bees!

------------- ~ *

Dear Margie
my pleasure!
Yeah, let's delapidate the battery... :)

Love and hugs

Rauf said...

oh dear o dear ! you are sure enjoying your summer. these colours are giving you the energy and your pour vibrating colours in your paintings. The texture on some of them is inspiring

"Angeldust" said...

What's THAT?

Raufie dear, we hardly had any Spring. Seriouly.
These flowers are ever somore precious as they are fighting for life agains big odds.
I am still sleeping most nights with a blanket and windows shut!

Today, is overcast and rainy again - great way to start the season.

I might need to move to India for some warmth... hm?

Big HUg

trinitystar said...

Angel ... what a beautiful array of flowers. I take great pleasure of seeing these ... I have a small garden ... although we do have lots of puts to cheer it up,
thank you for sharing the blooms bursting with energy.
have a wonderful weekend.
hugs for you :o)

"Angeldust" said...

Hello TrinityStar - long time no see...

Wonderful blooms I really agree.
I am so fortunate to find these throughout my walks.
My balcony pots lost some to of perennials during our long winter snow freeze.
Somehow it has not been nice consistetly enough to want to run and bring some home blooms, although I already got a large bag of potting soil.

Hugs back to you!

Katie McKenna said...

Very beautiful! Thank you for sharing them!