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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

the headline read:


Rauf said...

change of heart is what our mother earth demands Angel. The day will come.

Pauline said...

Who decides the number, the value of the individuals named and counted!!! Our daughter is researching the family tree and it can be an eye opener. Names are incorretly spelled daughters and wives are ignored.....Who decides the number, the value of the individuals named and counted??? Just some food for thought, I wanted to share with you. Hugs.

"Angeldust" said...

I hope so dear Rauf, I do hope so...

"Angeldust" said...

I agree with you dear Pauline - newsman Avi Lewis of the CBC, was commenting on his segment on the many migrant farm workers and those seeking a better standard of living (the so-called economic refugees) not being counted either.

As a society, we generaly tend to minimize and even ignore the loss and suffering of others.

We have "officially" one homeless man in White Rock. We all pass him by on a daily basis (wrote about him last year at WordRapture).
Some have befriended him and feed him, some ignore him - most, he does not make eye contact with, including me... but I have overheard him in very annimated conversation with others.
Anyway, I know (knew, no longer keeping in touch for obvious reasons) a rather recent Cuban immigrant that absolutely hates him and spews out utter nonsense about him.
When asked why, what has he done to soooo offend YOU, she adds to the barrage...

The fear factor in human nature I presume...

Sorry your women were not counted.
Most people not so long ago were little more than cattle..!
Not much consolation either.

Hope the genealogy search is more satisfactory in the future gathering of information. It makes for a rather accurate historical account of things, doesn't it?

Big Hug