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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chronicles of a
Huuuge Bellied Purple "Artsy" Suitcase

Let me introduce myself, I am Gypsy. I can carry up to 150 kgs!
Finally, this very morning, I was given a name after only being referred to as "the huuuge purple suitcase, or "my mobile gallery" or "my mobile studio", always, always, followed by chuckles!
At last I am "somebody", I got an identity which gives the authority to speak up and tell my story...
Convoluted as it has been thus far, it has been fun, and there is nothing in this world most precious than the knowledge "of having purpose in life".

Mine, is a full one. Seriously, I am full most of the time, even when in the warmth and comfort of my new home.

I was adopted a couple of months ago, by my own personal "Madame, the artiste", her being in urgent need of transporting her paintings to different exhibit locations - with her schedule, can't go around asking others to transport her back and forth during business hours!
A kind friend offered and drove her to her first one in North Surrey, whom, after unloading, went directly back to work leaving her behind to set it up.
Between you and me, that first exhibit (ever!) caused a lot a heartache to "Madam" as she and her work were treated with utter disrespect. Would she have had the certitude she has today, she would have turned around and left!

As it happens, she is a quick study (sometimes) and soon realized that this had nothing to do with her or her work, but it was "just" the way these (high profile) organizations operated in order to get their funding... Something... like those awful puppy mills we grew to dislike... yes?
The advent of yet another "situation" with the organization (more than three) did prompt her to cancel the other two exhibits scheduled since October 2006. She will not say much about the entire fiasco at this point - it is over - done with.
Moved on.
(Well, only until she writes a letter (he- he- he) to the the Board for September GM, 'cause she is not going to leave it as it was - as others before her have)

Since then, I have become the "only viable (independent) alternative" for Madam - until she decides to get a car again... or, has some money? Oh.. oui, oui!!!

We have gone together to the Terry Fox Library in Port Coquitlam, my inaugural voyage, you could say.
Now, this was an interesting effort for Madam whom was not accustomed to haul up the hill the weight of 16 paintings, even if on wheels!
Madam managed to pull me only half way up the hill and, was she ever huffing and puffing!
Regrets were soon creeping into her pretty blond head - "what the hell was I thinking at my age...!?"
Ay, Chihuahua, let me tell you; it was one of the hottest days of this season (came out of nowhere) her beautiful, freshly ironed linens were swiftly soaked into a very unfeminine soggy, crumpled state.
The express bus came and took us up the rest of the hill where we transferred to the local Surrey bus and made the pilgrimage up north to the rapid-train station.
Elevator up, hop on train going west, hop out at the fifth station, down the elevator, up the other elevator, hop on a train going East, get off at third station, down elevator wait for the Port Coquitlam bus, hop on bus...
Wait a blooming minute - I was not hopping anywhere... Neither was Madam!
I had such full belly, could hardly be rolled , remember?
Oui,Oui... Two of the buses had female drivers, both rolled out the wheelchair ramp and I was gently lifted.
Two of the drivers were male, they just lowered the bus and I was struggled up on board. Only one young man offered to help during the entire trajectory - when I was returning empty.
What an adventure this was! The scenery was bursting-lush after the never-ending rains and the warm breeze through the windows made it feel as on a cherished holiday trip.
Smiled, as we repeated each and every one of the ups and downs and transfers all the way home ...
The Terry Fox Library is a rather special place, as some of you might know - Madam was just asked to extend until the end of August - the next artist decided to pass. Fooled ya! Hah :) ?


By mid-June, Madam had an arrangement with the local Java Express. This came about as she was returning (devastated) from removing her works... and, by "accident" I might add.

Had an "Meet the Artist" eve there, which somewhat bombed... (She does say in her profile that life is NOT always a box of chocolates...)
Still, life has a lot of sweets... and, as usual, there was a reason for everything!!!
The local paper run a feature article on her and her work on the Sunday (June 24) Arts and Entertainment section, one page- uh-la-la!, with photographs in it (although, she does look sooo-sooo herself) which brought on some niiiice "ripple effect", thanks to Alex Browne, whom was most generous of spirit, as well as pen.
They been running tid-bits every Friday since...

Also since, Madam was invited to participate in a full colour booklet - "The Labyrinth Project" - with a handful of other local artists with the purpose of fundraising for the one to be built in the area of Fleetwood, Surrey in the near future. Coming up for sale as "we speak".
The Surrey Arts Centre had invited her to demonstrate the watercolour paper batik technique she has used in most of her "Flights of Fancy" collection works, this past Sunday, for their last Family day of the season.
She has also been invited to participate with three more artists in the painting of a mural at East Beach at home in White Rock, during the 58th Festival of the Sea coming up this August long weekend!
Gaining momentum, isn't she?
As madam is excitedly awaiting this evening's (first) meeting of the "Mural Group", she still has fresh in her mind all those moments of anxiety, exitement and anticipation, hanging and removing works from the different locations - although she has done this numerous times in the past - it has always been for other artists, making these experinces uniquely intense for their personal nature - as you must imagine.
A transformation of rather large proportions has also taken place in the apartment, as it has formally become a working studio and a gallery by appointment...... where, her living quarters are mere "incidentals". Even the answering machine happily announces: You have reached my studio-galeria..........
No, Madam has been anything but idle.
Actually she is completely exhausted - but happy (when not overwhelmed!). Yesterday, her head was spinning and the day before that... well, she had reached the saturation point.
But, today for the first time since mid-May she has a bit of a respite... (and the sun is shining once again!)
= =

By now you may appreciate my predicament as a huge purple suitcase, being hauled around all over the place - as documented in the various pics - and, most likely will be hauled around some more out of town incursions, including our return at the end of August to the Port Coquitlam Library and almost similar journey - this time up the hill to wonderful Poirier Branch of the Coquitlam Library, last exhibit of this amazingly packed-full exuberant passage of an artist first year as such!
Madam will be barely slowing down for a few days as the "jewelry season" is around the corner and she is planning to sell at parties from now on... the Universe allowing!
She has illusions (or, is it delusions?) to be able to take a little holiday during the first part of August.
As Autumn is only around the corner after that, the Sacred Feminine Project will be duly attended to... as soon as it all falls into place!
Little wonder than when
I am finally home,
I just collapse by the front door!
Sincerely, Gypsy
the huuuuuuuuge bellied purple suitcase


Pauline said...

Gypsy I am pleased to meet such a good supportive friend. Hold on to your wheels for it sound as if your ride has just begun. :)

Rauf said...

oweee ! dearest Angeldust, You are going to demonstrate batik ? owweee ! have you tried on cloth ?
State of Gujrat is famous for this.
Ask gujratis they'll tell you

Flights of Fantasy will make any one happy even a statue would come alive. i don't know why you have to run from pillar to post. i would have used some rotten words for those clowns.

please take rest Angel. 150 kilos is not light. But i will bever carry a purple suit case. You are a sweet delicate lady it suits you.
i am a wild horror, so i carry a black bag. hahaha. Enoy the summer Angel and drink lots of water.

"Angeldust" said...

Deares Pauline

It takes to recognize one...
I'll be aound your place in the near future - I can see myself jsut taking the time.

Big Hug

"Angeldust" said...

Dearest Raufie

Oh, I wil officially make you my publicist!

Have never made any cloth batik - I know the ones you are speking of are rather famous as well of those coming form Malysia...

Once the dust settles and I get in "my true groove" with the Sacred Feminine, I most likely will be excersising my options as I am observing some young talents around me that have found a niche for their works and they use a number of "surfaces" to express themselves...
That IS another blessing come may way - to be around working artists

The young woman at the luggage shop kept on isisting "purple is your colour"
While true, I was hesitant to purchase it.
But, the price and size (the largest available) were right and after all it was for "art sake" so, it was easier to get on with the plan - otherwise my "normal" ones are dark blue!

You take care and drink lots of water too!

Big hug

Margie said...

Hi Alicia
My goodness, you and Gypsy are sooooo very busy!
If I win the lottery, I'll buy you a car....hehe!
I guess I'd better start buying some tickets!

This was a very enjoyable read!
will you be around this weekend?
I'll call if you are.

Take care my friend!

I send hugs!


"Angeldust" said...

Hi dear Margie

To win the lottery one must start by buying a ticket... :)
I do once in a while - an loose that little bit of investment too.

I am in and out this weekend.
At the very last bits and peices of the transformation.

I swear to ya, it is like living in a Rubik's cube!

A feww things left to hammer and sew up and voila!

Moved the stereo and can get any sound (had to extend the speaker cables... (donno where I messed up!) and other minor irritations like one of my neighbours making stupid buzzing noises all day.

Got to run up the hill and get me some food

Big hug

Anne-Marie said...

I love your suitcase! I think if I had one of those, finding my luggage on the baggage carousel would be a snap!


"Angeldust" said...

It is definitely unmixtakeble dear Anne-Marie

The sales clerck said: IT IS sooooo you!

Pauline said...

:) just dropping off a smile for your day.....

"Angeldust" said...

Dearest auline
Your "smile" is the sweetest thing that happened to me today
Have not left studio - tangled up in my mermaid's tail...
got to fit me and my tail in a 3' (give or take a bit) circle.
So far is more of a square!

A huuuuge grateful hug to you!

slskenyon said...

On top of that being a fabulous post, I must say that you own an incredible suitcase. If I could have found something like that in that color when I went away to the UK, I would have probably dismissed a lot of my usual traveling woes.

Plus Ultra said...

Hi, Angel, Now I know why you have not been visiting me, you really are busy, at least thats what a little(not so small) purple person told me, I am happy things are turning out rosie for your creative endeavours but do keep in close touch, bless you and yours

Pauline said...

Just want to say "hello" and make sure that the seams are holding up on that suitcase!!!

Katie McKenna said...

haha too much fun!!!! Hello to you too!!!

"Angeldust" said...

Hello dear Katie

Fun and ache!
The body feels all "the exitement"!