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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Canadians in Afghanistan
the death toll rises... for how long?

In last night's documentary about five Canadian military families and the impact war has on them, a soldier stated near the beginning that: soldiers defend Canadian sovereignty and, as things change, that may take place somewhere other than on Canadian soil - almost verbatim, as I was taking note....

This is not good for my blood pressure!

Our troops are defending Canadian sovereignty in Afghanistan!?
Were did this utter nonsense come from?
Who brain washed them that they are willing to kill/die for it?

For those on the sheep fields, it has become a mandate to support the troops but not the war.
How hard is it to fathom that without them there would be no wars?
It would be a fine day a politician takes up arms to defend what he/she (his administration) believes in!

2008, and they are out of there...
And then, what?
What about them, their families... the rest of us?

What happened to us as Peace Keeping Nation?





Pauline said...

such a sweet dream to have those responsible duel it out! It does feel as though we are doomed for little toy guns become true weapons of destruction. Peace is apparently more difficult a task than bullets. Big hug and understanding....

Anne-Marie said...

Hello dearest,
I am so torn about our mission there. I can see that we need to help them get out from under the possibility of a Taliban return, but there needs to be greater involvement from other NATO countries to lessen our burden.


trinitystar said...

You have strong feelings for this, Do those at the top send their kids into the killing fields? I wonder. At the end of the who do they really think they are pulling the sheeps wool over our eyes. Truth is GREED! CONTROL!
Yet, I do believe there shall be a time when there is peace.
hugs for you. :o(

Pauline said...

Reading about the power of electricity and decided to send an electric wave; if curious read me at glimpses :)

Rauf said...

confusing dearest Angel. the Taliban and the muslim world need some lessons on one hand and the self styled world police are going overboard on the other.

Margie said...

Hi Alica dear friend
This time I'll comment on your post...only have a minute.
A crazy and busy day here!
Sorry about the blabbering last time...

Wise words from you....

Let's pray for that!
Thanks Alicia!
You care greatly!

Talk very soon!


slskenyon said...

Yes, I think that is a very suitable solution--if politicians want to involve us in a war, then they should form the front line of the offensive.

Pauline said...

Stopping by for a quick hello; hope all is well and you are relaxing...

Pauline said...

Well here I am once again. I should install a bell so you are aware of my arrival/interruption. Hoping you are on vacation:)

Anonymous said...

Its the soldiers who have to go on war zone because that part of the job ...Its so sad


Anonymous said...

Oh it was me Nasra

"Angeldust" said...

Hello dear blogger friends

After the middle of May life has become increasingly hurried and extremely busy for me.
After a long lull – things have suddenly picked up considerably.
Much is continuing changing. All for the best. Finally!
I will be posting about it as soon as I can “come up for air”. Probably an update mega post
For now - again - I can only thank you for your support and patience.
I don’t know about you, but I find that neither the hours in a day nor my stamina are enough!
Not having a car and running around on foot and public transportation, takes me three times as long to accomplish a task. I might have to get me some wheels!
On the other hand I get to look out the window and enjoy the view……… J

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *

Pauline dear
Bless your heart!
I am only glancing at the local paper to see if “I am still in it”… lol
Have not visited anyone at all lately
I am not sure for how long I will be able to keep up blogging. I am very seriously considering converting it all into a formal website – I am told by those in the know that “it is more professional” and I must admit I feel quiet the same….
It appears your president will hold on to his aggressive and belligerent manners until his last day in office. How terribly sad!
Love and blessings to you and yours

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **

Dear Anne-Marie
Like yourself I have mixed feelings about it all.
On the other hand, Afghanistan has been reduced to an arid, flat piece of land. Does THAT make a country? Does a citizenship reduced to huddle in their dusty, hungry villages make a country?
Or does a country need a spirit of survival? Just asking.
Would not be the first time in history that one country ceased to exist – for another to come forth… For a country to be conquered, its people obliterated – life on our Earth.

And, comparing it with another warring tribe – if the Irish finally saw to have and end toit from within, then so can everybody else.
It all boils down to choices.
These nations have been around “for ever”, compared to us, and we want to show them, tell them how it is done!
How arrogant of us to assume we know what is best for them….

I can only compare it to a good friend making a “deadly” for choice of man – how often do we intervene physically and violently in her own home to stop her from her own blinding madness?
Lots of love to yous both

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***

Dear TrinityStar:
Our Prime Minister’s little boys are going to school and playing hockey, while he attends to their game. Bush’s girls might be up to not much good as they appear to follow in the fashion of the Paris Hilton likes – when we hear of them…

God only knows what the children of the other side are doing as for sure we are not taking the time to report – perhaps not even finding out – as they are possibly “not important” being the children of “the enemy”.
Perhaps there are childless… or like in Arafat’s (aty least when he was alive) case in hiding, moving around with their mothers… odd, the lifestyle differences of the East and West power players, no?
Love and blessings


Raufie dearest
Indeed it is very difficult to learn and practice the art of “allowing” another to be.
Whatever we may think of it….
Love and hugs

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *****

Dear Margie
It appears the heavens are bent on not hearing the cries, the prayers for peace answered – it appears man will have to do it himself!
Love and blessings xox


slskenyon dear
I am an advocate of face to face interaction – there is something in looking into the eyes of another… with the intent to negotiate, communicate, understand, accept etc.)
Love and blessings


Dear Nasra:
We do not have military conscription in Canada. Our Army is voluntary. The great majority have signed up to participate in “PEACE KEEPING” – which had been our single role for many decades.
Our recent conservative government has decided that our forces should enter combat, simply because our present “conservative” barely elected gov. headed by our young and inexperienced prime minister think it is best to “comply” with US/Bush’s govs policies… - no futher comment on this matter!

You have no idea what else they had the nerve to ask our gullible officials!
Recently they have been requesting their (US) law enforcement officers be allowed into Canada, armed (no questions asked) in pursuit of “their fugitives”.
These are the same people that want to erect a high wall between Canada and themselves – so they can keep “illegals and terrorists” out of the US.

Up until 9/11 our border had been the longest “unprotected/unarmed” border in the world.

I was in 1976 one of the first female Immigration Officers in the country. A very interesting post at the border I had.
Now days, it is barely a shadow of the dignified and respected government representative position it once was…. They are demanding to be armed….

And, so We call ourselves (and fancy ourselves to be) civilized – better than...!

Love and blessings

"Angeldust" said...

Kristyna dear

Wherever you left your "Paradise" comment ....
Thank you

Hope you are keeping wel.
Love and blessings to you and yours

Pauline said...

Pleased as I can be that things are going well for you. Stay with the progress, I look forward to any future updates.... :)

"Angeldust" said...

Oh, Pauline you do have a heart of gold!

Just last night I got an ivitation to participate in paintinga mural down at the beach... :)

Another 4-5 days of fun - in a shared project...

Feeling good compared the awfully dragged out rainy 9 months we had and all the complications and disappointments... they are behind now, for good I hope!

Big Hug,
peace, love,joy and laughter my dear friend

Pauline said...

:) !!!

Songo said...

Your voice rises and will echo in many souls!
No war, period

"Angeldust" said...

Amén querido SOngo

ingrata no soy - pero no me ha dado tiempo de hacer visitas y los quiero a todos... a ti incluido!