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Thursday, December 27, 2007

In Memory of Benazir Bhutto


Pauline said...

We are living in strange times. We speak of peace and goodwill yet our world is overflowing with violence. Prayer is necessary to balnce the negative energies attempting to overcome us all. With these heavy thoughts I offer blessing and wishes for a delightfully uplifting New Year!

Terra said...

I just finished ahuge disertation and pushed to wrong key......
so, much shorter now:

Wishing you and all woman around the world and the male children/man they bore and are going to bare an illuminated and peace filled, equitable future, consciously turning a page beginning in 2008

It is in our hands!

Peace, love, joy, abundance and laughter


Rauf said...

Dearest Terra, this is sad, she indeed was brave, but to tell you the truth i hardly felt the loss, What ever she was, she did not deserve such a violent end.
Felt sad for those who lost their lives along with her including the misguided suicide bomber.

hope youare doing fine Terra
love and Hugs

Terra said...

absolutely, dear Raufie
the difference for me is that I have been watching her for the past 30 years...

there aren't many women to look up to these days - and indeed, in her land she was (obviuosly) a highly controversial figure

I does sadden me we live in such unending violence

love and hugs back to you

Margie said...

May her wonderful soul rest in peace!
So sad she is gone!