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Saturday, December 22, 2007



( click on pic to enlarge - Sunset at East Beach, Dec.18.07)


Anne-Marie said...

My dear,
I hope you have a joyous holiday season and all the best for 2008.


Rauf said...

Merry Christmas Dearest Angel !
Wish you all the fun joy and helth and strength in the world
love and hugs

Pauline said...

A picture of serenity. Blessing to you!

Terra said...

Dearest Anne-Marie

I am having a "doin' nothin' day"!

Nice to hear from ya sweetie...

My blogging days have seriously dwindled down and are counted as I am preparing to have a "proper" website set up Very Soon!
With all of it at one address.

As soon as I get around my well deserved lazy days... :)

Hope to keep some sort of blog; can't even imagine how it wil look or come across.

A New Year just around the corner and a new set up - venture/adventure in the makes in hopes to better convey what is that I am actually doing and to focus on some serious revenue generating.
Some of us artists find it somewhat difficult to incorporate this aspect into our work.

Big Hug and all the best for this wonderful 2008 coming our way

Cheers to yous

Terra said...

Raufie dearest

Had a wonderful Christmas with "adoptive" family - little girls and all!

Thank you for the good wishes - same to you, dear friend (as our BIG birthdays are approaching) - I am re-charging for a new phase.

Very exited about it all as it feels like I have finally reached the point of understanding what is that I am going to be doing the rest of my life!
No more wheel spinning...

Hope some sort of peace will follow soon.

Lots of love and hugs

Terra said...

Dearest Pauline

A gentle,serene view indeed, taken on Tuesday, December 18, at our East Beach, as a matter of fact just steps away from the mural

I am glad to hear all is well with all of you...

Big Hug

Rauf said...

Ah i was wondering who Terra is !
There you are !

Happy New year dearest Terra. Wish you all the joy and ceativity
and infinite imagination - no boundries what so ever. And wish you a rich harvest for all your creative ideas.

Terra said...

Ah, Raufie so nice to see around...

All is being changed upside down - OR, is it inside out?

Same good wishes back to you my dear friend - I am overdue a long pilgrimage to Blunt Knife!


Big Hug