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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Speaking up and being counted

Dear Anne-Marie

Niiiiiiiiiiice to see ya!

I don’t think – generally – people understand the power of public pressure…
It has been around forever and, if used the right way, it can effect dramatic changes.
Unfortunately, the great majority of our citizenry has bought into the belief that not one listens, while sometimes that is true, I know for a fact that it is mostly not so!!!

I will tell you that I got going on this matter as I have done on other issues I feel strongly about.
The first call went over to the Prime Minister’s office – yeah… not a direct route but, one that needs to be called on too.

The pressure on Mr. Day must have been enormous as his giving sympathy to Robert's mother was the next time (two days later) he was seen publicly; I am sure I was not the only one unimpressed with his suggestion to be "just as outraged about drunk driving". No further comment on this, let's just call it a ... faux pas!

I also contacted our regional Police Complaints Commissioner; I must say this was/is still a very comprehensive two way relationship that involved a couple of lengthy telephone conversations and at present being informed by email of all the steps taken by the Commissioner with the understanding that at any step of the way my input is welcome.

In addition I contacted the Vancouver City Police – with concerns of a recent purchase of an additional 70 pieces of Teasers (still don’t know the right spelling of this), also been listened to at length and my suggestion that they seriously entertain other methods of communication – as an alternative – Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s “Non Violent communication” http://www.nvc.org/ was duly noted and forwarded to the decision makers…

Overall, I am pleased with the results attained personally... and, the public steps that are being taken as a result of the very serious public pressure that came down on all of them.

I did not directly call the RCMP – as I feel they have hunkered down and might not hear what it is said.
I do feel for them too as they wear “their Rambo outfits” and must feel so theatened at all times - they have to play/live up to the part the part of righteous thugs themselves …
These man and women after their shifts have to go home to their spouses and children… what the hell are they bringing home?
Where did they have to leave their souls?
What are we creating and fostering as a society… ?


Pauline said...

"Where do they leave their souls?"
Indeed if you look at the statistics not many marriages/families survive the elements of conflict whether seen or unseen. The damage of stress and hostility cannot be left at the work place its poison is carried home within the body and soul of the soldier.

"Angeldust" said...

I am horrified to think what is to come of the man and women coming back from Iraq...
Their familes,their communities...

I recently saw a stage adaptation of a 2WW story - at the end of it I was convinced that the "acceptance of widespread heavy drinking" began upon the return of these man - that had no other choice than numbing themseves stupid in order to kill or be killed...

It is soooo terribly sad that we do not learn from our past expereinces and pretent that it all is just "on the level" and no permanet damage is done!

Thank you for leaving word dear Pauline - I think that slowly, very slowly, our consciousness as a whole is changing

Have a great week!!!

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Alicia,
I think one needs to ignore or shut off a part of themselves in order to do certain jobs. I am also starting to believe that not everyone looks beyond certain surface things as they stumble through their day to day life. Far easier to shop themselves into a stupor and pretend not to see what is really happening. We're kept busy and distracted and tired and no one finds the energy or time to wake up and stand up to things.

Ignorance is indeed bliss, but I'd rather not live a shelled existence.

Kudos to you for all your hard work. You are a remarkable woman.


"Angeldust" said...

Tha is a very kind "designation" dearAnne-Marie...
Apropos - again of your comment I and a recent (re-ocurring) event I will be writing a bit more about in regards of the subject of "desangagement", and its horribly results, most like ly on MOday as I have a Sat deadline... again!
Hug my friend
Love and joy to yous

Pauline said...

I decided to rant a bit this morning on some nagging issues of my own. Thank you for the wake-up nudge ;)

Pauline said...

"Merry Christmas"