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Thursday, July 31, 2008


It appears that still, after advising Councilor Todd , of the legal consequences to come about as a result of painting over the "Mermaids at Play" mural during this weekend's Spirit of the Sea Festival - he is ploughing ahead, infringing the the Moral and Intellectual Property Rights of the Artists.
This cannot set an unacceptable precedent.
For White Rock to grow up and truly become a City, as it calls itself, it must act as one.

No more little tree fort "private" club attitude , where matters are planned and resolved as "as they go along", but respecting the rights of their citizens and acting like informed politician they ought to be.

This not about lacking the gracious spirit of cooperation on my part or about "not being or being nice", it is about Artist Rights. Period.

It is also about respect and common courtesy.

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