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Friday, August 01, 2008

with a heavy heart

Sadly, we have become a society that is so used to being trampled upon that we no longer react!
We do not recognize when we are abused.
We do not recognize when our rights are being disregarded.
We do not recognize cruelty when faced with it.
We smile and thank.... instead.
Some of us have completely lost control in our quest to survive, having become emotionless automatons disregarding the rights, needs and feelings of others.
Others, have come to simply feel "too powerless and overwhelmed" by the weight of life's dark side.
Still others, embracing the new age movement have become mesmerized by the mantras and through the belief "to let be" have become distracted from what it really means to live a full conscious, present life.
"Nice" has became the goal; leaving decency, honesty, kindness, honor, respect, integrity, compassion and other desirable peaceful, wholesome societal values behind in the dust.
In short, we have come to a state where "brute force" rules and "down to earth reason" has lost its place.
Our perception of "reality" has been distorted to the point that we readily and easily either accept blatant manipulation "as a way of life" or, worst, we pretend not to care, while the consequences to be suffered by all are, presently of great damage, while immeasurable in the long run.
I am very sad today, one of those days compared to "when innocence is lost" and the world changed to a slightly more obscure, more complex maze from where it appears not easy to find ones safe passage out...
A day of mourning, that is how it feels, and I am going to allow myself to feel the feelings.
Maybe even cry...
Yeah... I think I do that.
Then, then I go back to work in the company of a good cup of coffee and prepare for a very busy weekend!
Hope yours is as good as I anticipate mine to be :)


Rauf said...

This indeed is sad Alicia, and it will get worse. Survival leaves no time for doing things we love, friends, family. Personal touch is lost. Unless we have something to gain, spending time with friends and family seems a waste of time. We fall for marketing and become slaves of gadgets. A rat race is on and we are lost in proving ourselves smarter and superior to others. That leaves little room to enjoy nature or to contribute to the welfare of others.

Administration is bulldozing the will of citizens, and citizens don't seem to care for above reasons, they are lost in their own race.
Hope you are doing fine Alicia
lots of love and Hugs

Rauf said...

please tell your readers to watch this clip Alicia. There is an important message here. kindly allow the clip to load and watch without interruption.
this is a story of Stuff


Alicia M B Ballard said...

Thank you Raufie dearest

Lots of love and hugs back to you

Margie said...

Hi dear friend
No matter how sad you might get over everything, just remember I'm always here for you.
We are good friends and I so appreciate your friendship and so very happy you are in my life!

It was a wonderful chat we had on the phone today!
I'm so excited that I'll soon be getting your beautiful bracelts!
I can't wait!

Take care my loyal and good friend!



Alicia M B Ballard said...

Hi "blondie" :)

Same here sweetie - love ya!