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Friday, August 15, 2008

Bill Moyers delivers 55 Minutes of Sanity and Logic - Again!

Reviewing Boston University's Prof. Andrew Bacevich's book "The Limits of Power" The End of American Exceptionalism, with the author; the most comprehensive, exceptional, candid review yet to come out of the United States... on the United States, its Presidency, Foreign Policy and much more...

Among others, a question not often asked - in public - "How did we come to be a nation in which we really thought that we could transform the greater Middle East with our army?" He asks and, he responds lucidly and succinctly.

All I'll add is Amén!


pilgrimchick said...

I'm sorry that this topic isn't as often discussed as it should be--we should all be asking questions like this.

Rauf said...

Not just the middle east, the entire world Alicia. Rest of the world havebeen asking this question for quite sometime, perhaps it is the first time for an American.
Hope you are doing fine Alicia
lots of love and Hugs

Alicia M B Ballard said...

Hey... Pilgrimchick
nice to see ya

Well, maybe the tide began to turn and it will be once more "acceptable and patriotic" to demand straight answers and accountability from the Administration :)

Alicia M B Ballard said...

Raufie dearest,
yes, agree with you once more!

I am rather exhausted at the moment - but content :)
I am working on an installation for a lantern festival - some early pics at StudioGaleria blog

Hope you are feeling "more at home" already

Lots of love and hugs back to ya