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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Democratic and Republican Conventions... Total Eye Openers - hah? Maybe, Maybe not!

WOW! Hats Off to the Democratic Convention
My goodness, I am almost "back into politics".
Missed Senator Ted Kennedy's and President Bill Clinton's speeches, will have to search for them on the net...

What a turn around this event was... Loved Senator Hillary Clinton's speach. A truly remarkable act that facilitated this epic evening and opportunity for Senator/Presidential Nominee Barack Obama's flawless speech.
I have a dream... I think we all connected to "the dream and the reality" that if one puts ones mind to it changes occur, it takes a leader with a clear vision, that has the support of its party and an eager and committed citizenry.
WOW, 45 years to the date of Martin Luther King's speech - I "feel" hope.
I am most certainly looking forward to an Administration change in the United States, which in turn will bring about - in a ripple effect - changes all over our globe.
I had favored Hillary for her strength and record and, simply because it was/is high time for a woman, for a really gentler sort of politics, a more "emotional and sensitive sort" that reaches the soul instead of only rattling bones and standing hairs on end.
Obama appears also shows the sensitivity and sensibility required to govern not only with a cool head but, also with a warm heart. Time for a "minority" rule!

Best wishes to my dear neighbours.
May we all live in peace, equality, fairness and a dignified living standard.
Also followed the Republican Convention
Must say very "impressive" also... HMMM
Alaska Governor Palin.... hmmmm!?
Interesting how we regress when desperate.
Absolutely no match to Hillary Clinton.
This country bumpkin still may make it just runnin' (as she would enunciate) on the spinners dust.
So, let's brace ourselves, breathe deep and hope those with some sharpened intellect and open hearts will take to the polls - although, with the latest nonsense on facebook, trading "friends for votes" (@&%$#*!) it may all be completely run deep into the gutter!
Ay Chihuaua...
I hope the parents of those derelicts are happy and proud of their offsprings deeds!

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