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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Summer's End Review - Artist caught in strange vortex!

My second spring/summer season "officially, as an artist" has come to an end.
While last year I though I was experiencing novice's contretemps due to my prolonged absence and naivete in this new milieu, turned out to be just another "taking on the responsibility for it all" - lol

In reality - as "in actual fact" - it turns out that this little art world of ours has the serious makings of a Greek Tragedy with all its triumphs, glory, gossip, feigned indifference, sitting on the fence and, treachery it can accommodate. Well, that, aside from the truly innocent and "blissed"... :)

In one hand, the different groups and associations held their annual events showcasing the large array of dedicated hobby artists, as well as true creative talent shining through the massive amount of wonderfully executed paintings.
Our wonderful, wonderful Fine Art Galleries, which I cannot resist walking by without stopping to peek in, where I can first hand observe the "trend", also had their scheduled activities. Our one First Nations Gallery finely appointed - a pleasure and pride to have around.

Art has also moved onto the streets, adding an altogether inviting air of sophistication mixed with a je ne sais quoi, laid back sort of feeling under our warm, crisp and brilliant sun by the sea...

One would be inclined to think All is Well and flourishing in our midst ... and for some it might be, or better yet, appear to be.

On the other hand, some, thought it wise to overflow (?) the area with cheap, third world economy market, mass produced "factory originals" that appear to compete and, and might come to affect some of the local "real original talent"; I blame that on a trend that, unfortunately began sometime in the 80's, to which my beloved Interior Designers grabbed on to and made a mess of through TV shows and an utterly ridiculous "matching madness" but, that is another story altogether, for another time.
(However, in the meantime, I'd like to say, the rest of our mere mortals should turn to their local artists and dealers for all their art questions and follow their own taste, follow their instinct - even if and when it does "not match". )

The "Mural" deal... ?
2007 - "Mermaids at Play" absolutely, without a doubt, one of the un-gracious experiences ever..., as we all know, I've around for awhile!
2008 - I'll be following up and posting pics to appreciate the evolution of the now annual project; which, I hope, in the future will include the countless talented artist of our city that might be interested in participating in such an adventure.
Another experience was added this year as I answered the Artist Call from the City of Surrey... you knooow... :) it resulted in the "Octopedes" Installation - lots of fun and effective therapy, as I can truthfully say, despite the endless scratches and deadly stabs, somewhere along the way I left behind my "chicken wire fear" - lol

When all is said and done, this seasons' Artist Caught in Strange Vortex experience has once again been at times faaabuuulous but, also intensely bewildering, curios, as well as consistently foreign to me.
The longer I live, the more I appreciate recognizing "archetypes" at play. The more everything changes the more it remains the same - doesn't it? It also gets old quicker.

On the more personal (satisfaction) side of things, I feel that me and my art are moving along just fine, quiet "on schedule" I'd say, considering the 30 year gap!

My many, many, many thanks to all those cool people that touch my life with care and respect. Without you...
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Monday, September 22.08
12:07PM - revised
There is nothing like a "review" and a "Goggle search" to stir-up ones hear and soul. "Sleep over it" ... Giving ourselves time to re-cap on the previous day's thoughts, feelings and past events...
My interest and pleasure of living here, in White Rock, had been so weakened this past year by the darkness thrust upon me, moving ahead of me, blocking my way, that at times I felt like bolting form this place! Instead, I hunkered down and looked for ray of light and went in its direction!
I have to admit that all the ugliness and well placed, unmovable obstacles that forced me off "my automatic path" had, shifted me towards other, (roads less travelled with) richer possibilities and set me on a much more desirable and suitable path for myself...
Now, a few of days into the "quiet zone", having been able to gather my thoughts in the quiet and gentle sun pouring in through the windows; I do look forward with delighted excitement to the wonders to come.
Yeah... there is always a reason for everything - no matter how obscure it may be - just as the "truth", sooner or later it comes to light... aaaall this shall too.
Still Monday...
but it is 11:36PM
While I have been "interestingly" affected by what I intuit to be "active, serious misrepresentation" - those, whom ultimately I would interact with, would have to be aware that even the thinnest pancake has two sides...
I am convinced that most everyone is grossly misinformed about what, and how "things" go/went down! (And keep on going, and going and going!)
Walk the Talk, or get off the pot...
Truth, respect, fairness, compassion, integrity, ethics are "a way of life".
"Lip service" is nothing more than shallow opportunism praying on bruised egos.
It actually took all this time to come around to feel peace within myself, and realize... Ay Chihuahua! I was actually maneuvered into what resulted in a fabulous "shortcut"
(oh, as for myself... I am not a saint, nor a marthyr!)
"The End"


Rauf said...

Dearest Alicia
The decision makers are usually non artists, people who have nothing to do with art. It comes down to useful or useless in the end. And they decide that art is useless. Then a flash of patriotism strikes them occasionally and the culture comes up to surface. They want to be known as cultured people, lets do something. Most of that 'something' goes down the drain.

Hope the weather is still fine Alicia.
lots of love and hugs

Alicia M B Ballard said...

Hello dear Raufie
I been having "guilt pangs" for a few days for not having been around your place... have not been able to catch my breath yet - hope is coming!
Sweet of you to come by - you read "Chapter One" I just finished "Chapter Two".
Which, related to the effects/sate of being I commented to you about a few weeks back - I hope the nightmare is over!
I hope I feel better soon - this has been such a difficult passage...

Getting over the mural being painted over was truly "a delightful walk in the park" as we say. Interesting how some things are "more consecuential" than others :), despite the "Moral Rights" in its regard!

Interaction with others and relationships, and how they unfold is so much more important and relevant... I have wondered "why me"? "Why this lesson"?

Love you Raufie
Lots of Hugs