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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Was there also a full moon?
59% of the eligible electorate bothered casting their vote!
Why should anyone vote?
Really... why?
Weeks in advance we are already assured of the results by all the "five and dime" political analysts that ultimately totally distort reality - now, also available in podcast - along with the most obnoxious negative party campaigning ever...!
I don't know about you, but I found out, that I am not the only one made physically ill by all the blatant lies, attacks and character assassination.
Funny, how we fancy ourselves to live in a democracy; there is nothing democratic about an election campaign that is highly manipulated and misrepresented.
I am for making it illegal for candidates to talk about anything else than their party platform and media to only report, and refrain - muzzled, if it need be - from making any "supposedly erudite" commentary.
While people are generally not stupid - the "easy, predigested and regurgitated over and over again system at hand makes their "free will" obsolete.
So, I ask again.... why vote?
As it is, we can save a lot of money by staying home and letting the pollsters and, radio and TV personalities gather opinions and announce results way in advance - at no cost to the taxpayer.
(In the event the cartoon is "not self-explanatory", the few "grazing" sheep don't have eyes and are wearing large headphones, under obviously ominous dark clouds )

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pilgrimchick said...

The amount of polling before the election is astronomical--and of course, analysis must follow. I think I have heard more analysis this time around than any other in the past, especially after the national debates. Oh, well, it makes me only more eager for the whole process to be over.