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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Politics, Police and Tazers/Life Zappers

Politics, Police and Tasers/Life Zappers
For how long, may I ask, are we going to stand for this kind of Police Brutality.
Among those dead this past year we got a bus passenger - no having paid his due fare.
Yesterday, a naked, injured man that had fallen/jumped? out of a second story window (on drugs?)
Just how far could he run/go?
Can someone enlighten me?
Can someone tell me how on this Earth we can justify this brutality?

Oh, and we fancy ourselves "civilized" and refer with disdain to some others as "third world" countries!

This kind of ineffective policing is so absurd we must call for some truly civilized alternatives.

Its election time - who is responsible?

* Police (RCMP) Complaints Commission in BC 604.660.2385
* Your MLA: find out through Enquiry BC 1.800.663.7867 or 604.660.421
* Your MP: find out through Service Canada 1.800.622.6232
* Minister of Public Safety, Stockwell Day days1@parl.gc.ca


Pauline said...

Lost my comment it seems. Our guardians need to protect themselves in order to be present to protect you and I...my comment ran along those measures. Recently the nurses have attempted to pass legislation to assist them from patient abuse/assault while under the influence of drugs such legislation was denied, yet medical staff have been bruised and seriously injured while serving in their line of duty. My message is we never know the problem or threat presented while we sit comfortably within our home determining half of the facts presented to us....Big hug to you and thank you for being aware of the many issues citizens should address.....

Alicia M B Ballard said...

Dear Pauline:

While I completely agree that those involved in law enforcement must adequately protect themselves. I am absolutely against any them being above the law, and that is how it is looking from my vantage point.

We do not need to kill in order to preserve order. We absolutely do not need senseless killing in order to collect a bus fare, or arrest an injured, naked man or an innocent one caught in "negligent vortex" at the airport.

Furthermore, only citing England's example, police don’t even need guns - only special constable carry them over there...
Is their crime rate escalating out of control?
Are they being killed in larger numbers?

I do believe just as strongly that we all – including and possibly above all – police must learn a completely non-violent way of communication.
Marshal Rosenberg has succeeded in presenting and making such possibility available.

But the “Rambo Syndrome” so prevalent these past few years is making it (supposedly) impossible to live and thrive without some sort of lethal weapon.

You know Pauline, in 25 years as Interpreter I worked extensively with law enforcement at different levels; while criminals and law breakers have become “more aggressive and cunning”, law enforcement appears to have only matched them in brut force instead of brain force; there is something to be said about gray cell inspiration!

Last, but not least, coming from me, that can only confess to an illegal jay walking habit – when safe :) - the entire lot appear dreadfully frightening and “unsafe” to me – I can only imagine how completely, utterly terrified some petty criminal must feel in their intimidating presence… A clear invitation for disaster!.

Big hug sweetie, hope you are keeping well.

Pauline said...

Yes, well stated there is an entirely different meaning to protection and abuse of power.I am in total agreement and enjoyed your statement of generating more learning along with more muscle.
I am physically more active walking, rock climbing, sharing emotions with a new friend. Things are coming along for me not as I had imagined but this is survival!

Alicia M B Ballard said...

Fascinating how life unfolds "despite" ourselves... :)

A very thin space between survival and an unexpected door openning up for to safely "enter" a new full life... :)

Surprises abound and await!

Big Hug