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Friday, October 31, 2008

To VOTE or not to VOTE

To VOTE or not to VOTE, what kind of question is that?

While I believe that we all must exercise our right to vote (as with abortion, ultra conservatives!) under certain circumstances, I feel there must be room for exceptions.

Voting is not only a right for Joe the plumber (or, Joe Canuck), that appears not to find his way around a bucket, and thousands like him, but voting, is also in the hands of some truly "innocently ignorant" folk ... and, at least one Vice-Presidential candidate in the US on the "morosely naive" side of life. Not hat we haven't got our own!

Click here and assess for yourself, see if you want to laugh or... weep!?

Which brings me to ponder... Is the democratic process too generous at times?
Yes, I know, this is neither politically correct nor "new age-y", both of which I am soooo tired of.
This is how I feel, and I feel I must question the wisdom of this process, actually in more ways than this one.

As it is, we are run by the minority that goes to the pols so, this questioning is not so preposterous after all. Vote by a minority; Governed by a minority. Democracy at work!

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