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Saturday, November 01, 2008

White Rock City Council Elections - "Hopefuls pitch...

their position" - Peace Arch News, Friday October 31.08

I have no other way of sharing my thoughts and feelings than through my blog and occasionally, with letters to Editor - The Peace Arch News does normally publish my letters - The NOW has consistently ignored me, no matter what...! Hmmm, good thing I am not paranoid, then again... :) (Yes, I know "Octavia" on their front page... but they never gave me credit, not even after I wrote to them requesting so - you be the judge!)

We all know by now how frustrated I have been with this current Council, not necessarily for one or more of those huuuge power transgressions, but for their eroding, consistent "in your face" I don't give a damn about what the citizen's think... we'll just plow through as we please attitude!!!

Attitude, attitude, attitude: seen and heard enough of their attitude. It is high time that we, the citizens have a voice.

I propose we don't even know what we don't know about, and that, is on top of all the circulating rumors. I'm not kidding!

It is high time we stop being treated as intrusive and unwanted guests in this little private social club.

We must demand inclusion, respect, clarity and, answers and accountability - we know by now that we must take our chances with new blood.

In this case I advocate we replace the entire lot. Unfortunately, the only two Mayoralty candidates are current Councilors... a total bummer! However, with all new councilors, the "favored" one will be hopefully greatly "supervised" and scrutinized by them.

On the matter of inclusion, respect, clarity and, accountability, here goes my response to the above tittled article.

Dear Editor:
It was with a mixture of dismay and amusement that I read in "Hopefuls pitch their positions" Friday 31.08, Councillor Todd (along with Candidates Bartosh and Anschell) "was among those who said improving Arts and Culture is key to this community."
As a working artist that is part of this community (?) I like to suggest that in order to succeed in such proposition, not only all White Rock artists must be invited and somehow engaged in the process if they wished, but they and their work should be treated with respect and dignity at all times, in an open and crystal clear process where everyone is informed at all times - including the public.
Should Mr Todd be re-elected (!), I suggest an immediate reevaluation of his past procedures and attitude, beginning with duly and respectfully responding to correspondence addressed to him regarding such matters, which, he has repeatedly ignored for over a year. Something to ponder about...

Alicia M B Ballard

PS.: If it is correct that city employees are running "some" of the show, this must be also duly investigated by an impartial third party as to the extent of damage - or benefit - to citizens this occurs. Wouldn't you like to know?

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pilgrimchick said...

It's interesting how disconnected a lot of politicians on the "community" level are--town councils, etc. You would think because they are members of the community, and the community itself is a town or a city rather than a state or a country, that they would be more in-tune with what is going on and what needs to be done--let alone to actually doing something about it.