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Saturday, April 11, 2009

This Week: Billy Bob Thorton voted off Canadian Idiol

I am sure this week some of us are far more preoccupied with another, larger myth than that of Billy Bob Thorton;  yet I can't resist having a go at it.

Oh, my. Oh, my. Oh, my!
I am having issues with the mash potato statement!
Canadians are like mash potatoes without gravy?
Oh, ma' man BB... Who says that is exiting? Gooey maybe, but exiting,  character 
defining? Nah!
Now, smooth, hot mashed potatoes with garlic or, loaded with rosemary... that, might be character defining.

As for you being "funny", or offended? tst-tst-tst... Difficult and ignorant is a better description. Stupid? 
On our very own CBC? In a cozy interview with our delightful, daily companion  Jian Ghomeshi?  You, got yourself voted off Canadian Idol!
And, let me tell you about Canadians.
Jian Ghomeshi showed you what it is to a gentleman and,  a host on his feet. 
We, may appear to be bland. We, may even be bland - but, what you will not often see is this self-indulgent crap, many, south of the border, like to impose all over the world "just 'coz" on those who will take it.

Bottom line:
There is no way I would know how much money all this publicity would cost. Good or bad, publicity is publicity,  especially,  here in North America.
The Boxmasters Band is OK - like, mash potatoes with a tad of gravy.
Seen it/heard it on late night TV. The kind of pleasant stuff guys may play when they get together in the basement (with Billy Bob,  if he brought his drums)
"Mod Billy": is a styles fusion with a distinguishable dash of Cajun - that's what I heard, whatever they may call it....

I much prefer mash potatoes without gravy. Unless, that's all there is...

In case you missed it - go to YouTube


Anne-Marie said...

He is a complete douche. Glad he has gone back home, won't be missed. Cheers to Jian for being so classy in the face of such a twit.


Alicia M B Ballard said...

Yeah... Jian did a wonderful interview despite BBT
I am not hearing/reading anyone missing him.