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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Cheap Art?
What kind of bullshit is it?

It is getting worst and worst with the proliferation of uninspired untalented wanna-be's.

Not only serious art is being undermined by interior designers creating "art" pieces with rollers as if painting a wall.
Then, we have the "starving"...
Now, I get to learn about the "Cheap" ones - announcing proudly their "quick" wares for $200.00 (a blooming rip-off if you ask me, specially while suggesting to buy Art instead of cocaine - WOW!)
And, there are those that sell their "original art" jokes for $10 bucks.

SOMEBODY, tell them to get lost.
I'll do it myself.
GET LOST: petty thieves and criminals.

How is Art going to regain and maintain any credibility when these clowns are flogging their crap - passing it for art...
I am horrified and utterly disgusted, with both the so-called artist and the buyers that fancy themselves clever.
Cubans have a great expression to describe the above bunch - I am afraid I can repeat it on line.


pilgrimchick said...

This is what happens when the "need to make money" off of something creeps in. In society today, it's hard to find a reason to pursue something unless it has a monetary value associated with it. They probably saw art as a pasttime which could make them some money. Too bad that isn't what art is for.

from Alicia M B Ballard's Studio said...

It literally makes me sick!
Because most people - including the affluent - do not take time to educate themselves and allow these impostors to not survive, but thrive - of course, aided by art supply companies and daft gangs such as the MoMA outfit.

It must be noted that "Art Institutes" churning out graduates that don't know from which side of the tube paints comes out - are, by sheer majority toppling the table s of sanity.

Weeping ain't enough!
Must speak up as excellence in any medium should be the rule.