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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Twisted "Art" Scene of White Rock

Lately, I often wonder, when I venture forth with excitement to meet the immediate world around me, with an open heart and mind, what kind of twisted mentality lurks around in it that, instead of finding the same, I find an obtrusive wall. Not just a plain wall, but one full of rut and dark putrid corners, harboring, emitting venomous fumes; the kind that are completely colorless and odorless - the sort that brings on the urge to flee with overwhelmingly nausea, in total bewilderment.
This has been the consistent feeling/understanding for the past three years in anything relating to the Arts Community.
There is no consolation in finding more and more individuals with the same experience...
I am sick and tired of all this being the acceptable norm!

After almost 30 years of community involvement in various capacities through work and volunteering, dealing with hundreds  and hundreds of people thoroughout, I have never, ever, encountered even a brief period of time when this kind of indecency ran rampant.

Of course, where there are people, there are opinions, differences, conflicts, friendships, love affairs. Life happens, tumbles, revolves, evolves, everybody moves forward/sideways, one way or the other, willingly or grudgingly - giving/leaving room for one another to breathe...
This is absolutely unacceptable.

PS.:Commercial galleries are completely excluded from from these shenanigans (I think!)
Among these lowly behaviours: the "casual bullying" by mere silent presence, not acknowledging. No eye contact, not even accidentally, to allow a nod... But there, showing up/showing "strong", brushing "accidentally against" me, yet remaining "in contact" in an empty room - while I am busy talking with a third party...
Walking up to me and with a full mouth, (full body) two inches from your face "demanding" I respond to her insolent question/comment.
Removal of my Exhibit posters from secure indoor location.
Willful damage of my merchandise at gift shop.
Willful manipulation of my Terra Talisman labels to hide origin/authorship of piece, within the gallery showcase!
Use of 2-3 year blog name, for newly created artist website... (just like that!!!)
And, what is most insidious and disgusting of all, is the "backroom" malicious gossip that, at this point must be so out of hand that, people I have never seen nor crossed paths with, already have an opinion of me!

These aren't accidents. This is a systematic, calculated, malicious harassment that began in August 2007.
I already said this: I will not ask anyone for "permission" to do what I want and need to do.
Sat. Sep. 18/2010
I am already getting over this last incident. 
All I will add is that, the Universe in its wisdom will get you (and all), sooner, or later.
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rauf said...

Dearest Alicia, the Art community is a mistake. You your creativity your imagination and your art should stand alone. As long as the artist is alone he or she is happy. The problem comes when the artist expects appreciation, recognition and a reward. The artist has to depend on a 2nd and a third person's opinion. The 2nd and the third persons are often dimwits and insensitive to feelings. Pride takes sometimes gets affected. If the artist can manage to survive without damaging his or her pride, the artist is lucky

Hope you are doing great Alicia
been traveling again.
lots of love and hugs

from Alicia M B Ballard's Studio said...

That is why I love you Rauf!!!

Yes, you put your finger on it.
I am independent and have advised - early on, those concerned - that I, do not ask for permission.

Was selected for a Biennale in Italy and just invited this AM to another wondeful venture at a fabulous museum, of course in another continent! lol

While all of this is hurtful, no denying it.
It is probably the single reason all its moving forward internationally.

So, as Gandhi said "..... and then, I win"!