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Monday, February 14, 2011

White Rock Council continues with its traditional "stupidity"

So, they call it "View preservation" Enhancement?
What are they thinking, I ask again, after having a conversation with rightful owner of the property which these particular tress happen to be living.

Are they thinking greedily - more money/more taxes if developers buy out these properties and do away with them? The property immediate increases its value by $200.000 'coz it has an "enhanced" view!!!

I am not sure I could have had the fortitude to fight two councils for a period of 8 years as the  Karen and Doug Ellerbik have - not to mention, Karen tells me, they are not even being extended the minimum courtesy to be heard in chamber!

How would you feel if someone was bullying you for 8 years to do away with trees on your property that you love and believe in?

Let's save the trees form Council's bullying.
Of course we can!
15140 Royal Ave. White Rock, BC

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