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Monday, February 14, 2011

Of frogs and princes and lovers: a contemporary take

It is with a bit of sad humor that I dwell into this topic, as I find the contemporary male-female interactive scenario in practically shambles; at a time when relationships have decidedly taken a turn for the absurd in so far as to the expectations of the genders.
Never before, at least not in the last century - no matter how dysfunctional we may think the the past to be - have man, generally speaking, been so overtly aggressive, vulgar and overall undesirable to women, yet full of irrational expectations and, demands!

"Waiting for Barbie"

she is "Waiting for the Prince"

While women, appear to have never heard of self esteem and dignity - never mind the women's movement that, however screwed, provided a lot of the rights that today go unacknowledged and ignored ... in order to fit, into an outdated mold of dreary lifestyles, where the proverbial prince is nothing more than a scoundrel with pants down his ass or a 50 something with airs of don Juan (on Viagra!)

They were for a while both available exclusively at the Torrego Art Gallery in Sao Paulo, Brazil - back in Canada now.... albeit in storage!

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