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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Women, Secrets and confidences....

 "The circle of Life: Spring" 4x6" 
Acrylic on paper, original

Spliced. Her, and seven episodes:
The waning.
The comings and goings.
The broken heart.
The treason.
The Waiting.
The dark.
The flight.
What's hers.

23X38" acrylic on paper
(digital reproduction)

 "Rainforest Goddess"

The three works above will take part of this International Exhibit,
to be shown twice in Barcelona and moving on to Colombia, S.A.


pilgrimchick said...

I'm amazed by the "goddess" print--it's one that you could look at and ponder for a very long time.

from Alicia M B Ballard's Studio said...

One could walk "into her" ... into "her cavity" - totally awesome!

(but, the entire forest was magical, very moving...)

Leovi said...

Magnificent work with splendid colors. It's like a conceptual map of women. But I am of the men who think that women and men are drawing closer but there is still a difference in certain roles. Greetings

from Alicia M B Ballard's Studio said...

Absolutely, I agree with you.
Thank you for your kind words, they are much appreciated.