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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Modesty..., fanatics, evangelicals and degenerates. This is 2011!!!

As a hypocrite I catch myself "talking about modesty"...
But, I simply could not leave it alone; me, so easily agreeing to it... maybe, it was being challenged to"whip your boob out" that caught me off guard... although it was not directed specially to me...

And it is about that, isn't it, when facebook shuts down the page for a breast feeding mother's profile pic.
What kind of imbecile attitude am I accepting?

What point of degeneration am I inviting, hosting in my life, while I profess that our biology is health?

I decided to "whip my boob out" just like that.
But, not really just like that... but because I find injustice, ignorance and abuse nauseating.

My biology, our biology is "normal", it is life, must be respected and celebrated, not hidden... penalized.

In solidarity to al breast feeding women and dedicated to all women in celebration of our magical biology.

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