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Friday, November 14, 2014

Morning Reflections from The Observatory: Outrage replacing Conscious Citizenry on Kardashian,"Manage", Ghomeshi and Parliament Hill.

Since when an artist’s expression requires such an outrage? Isn’t it the “job” of an artist to bring forth that which is not comfortable, pretty or pure complacency?

It has been three days now that we have been bombarded with Kim Kardashian's monumental ass, Nicki Manage’s “nazi” images and longer with the “Sexual harassment” of the rogue Parliamentarians. None of these warrants one more minute air time than the plight of refugees from Syria, Palestine or de Mexican vanished students, yet, we hear outraged voices popping up in all media on these marginal “news”.

Where, why and when have we switched off the the ability to pass judgement for ourselves and file it?
I have not gone on a lengthy research extravaganza regarding “Nazi” imagery, but I am certain of having seen these along with little characters marching in their army fashion in Saturday morning cartoons. Not a peep out of anyone!
So why does it become such an issue now? I obviously have my opinions on those that jump on the latest outrage band wagon and it is clearly fashionable to be outraged at anything and labeling it Nazi. It was tiring in Europe (while I was visiting last year) and is equally tiring now in North America...
I never cared for  anything Manage or Kardashian and, as for sexual harassment, nothing as a well given slap to stop the nonsense, instead of all the whinnying about “trauma” inflicted, to the dilusionals whom think this is the way to make a difference, creating victims out of an eternally male/female tension. Time to grow up and view things the way they really are and giving each the weight they deserve.
Not that K.K.'s formidable ass does not deserve some pondering, whether Photoshopped, implanted or a plain formidable muscle structure... Still, we shall move on.
N.M. on the other hand, with an enormous following, to which I cannot imagine ever belonging equally falls under my label of simply “vulgar” . A word and concept that is all but lost in our contemporary culture which, most certainly applies to these to personalities.

The parliamentary sexual intrigue is even more childish given the age and position of the parties... how and why were these people elected? Sure, there are a number of nincompoops in office, but, seriously, 10 solid days of this topic is enough for those of us having to suffer all the stupid rhetoric including the endless repetition of “victimized” and "traumatized". Is there a secret campaign to make us all asexual. Not that situations of unbalance in the workplace using sexual harassment as a domination tool do not exist and should be swiftly dealt with. However, I see this as an individual effort supported by some clearly defined guidelines.... And I am also lumping this later with the Jian Ghomeshi debacle. I say this having arrived at a nice ripe age as a blond woman, and have “survived” it all. Love the new overinflated phrase of “survivor of sexual harassment".... Seriously?

© Maggie Balogh/October 14, 2014

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