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Friday, October 02, 2015

First visit to Nordstrom in Vancouver.....

.... most likely the last.

Entering Nordstrum on our first recognizance trip found it impressing, a smart suited, handsome doorman directed us to the Concierge station at the other end of where we entered. We were most impressed by the lighting and tasteful displays of delicious merchandise, with even more "delicious" prices for the retailer... 
As we walked around the main floor we began to confirm  the "too pricey" rumours - as some conspicuous prices began to allow themselves be found. We promptly proceeded to follow our plan to have lunch, via a drink at the bar, which was full.  I must say that we were accommodated promptly and courteously addressed by the barman whom gave us the inside scoop of the waiting time for a table at Bistro Verde on the 3rd floor (with an elevator direct from the street bellow too).

On our way, we got amused and distracted by the ever increasing prices and some of the "far out" items they merchandized for nutty rock-and-rollers wanting to be hip... (?) or some lost raper, such as this pair of filthy looking ripped jeans for a mere $960+ dollars - which, could be easily found under $10, cleaner, at a raunchy second hand store.... But, we were told they were "designer" jeans.... Who cares, garbage is garbage, even when "designed" by an unknown (possibly only to us) someone with little creativity and aesthetic savvy. However, not withstanding the "built in filth look"- That, was spot on!

These tasteful star studded runners were under lock and key in this display case, which I found irresistible  to photograph.... We never found out if the cost came over $1,000.- We loved them! We admired lots of things...

Among them, these pair of shoes, they were the coolest, funkiest shoes I could dare to wear would I have the wardrobe and $$$$$$+ to waste (on a trip to Europe for instance!?).

Now that Jimmy came to his senses and is also making shoes for comfortable, sensible walking... this little number made it "top one" in the huge assortment of big (and not so big designer) footwear section. Good for Jimmy, but so "impractical" at over $400!! Or so. My budget will only accommodate Balenciaga perfumes... (when I am in an exceptionally good mood).

The staff throughout the store, present at every turn, was eager and very pleasant. Our top choice, were  the bartenders for the courtesy and charming service. Our  award of the day goes to them! 

The gigantic chandelier by the escalators from ceiling to ground floor in nothing short of spectacular and well worth the trip, if nothing else, to look at it! This photo does not begin to do it justice.... Totally fab, if you ask me!

In summary, it is most likely that we will not return to Nordstrom's any day soon to do any shopping, let alone lunching. I must also share that the smoked salmon with hot radish sauce and fried capers we ordered, was an absolute disaster. And I am not exaggerating because my dear friend Juliet returned hers too. She, whom otherwise would normally suffer than offend by refusing to eat what she is served!
How bad was it. I "chopped" the chef... immediately  And explained to the gracious waiter that the sauce had pepper chunks I was chewing on (too coarsely grinned, but what for?), the capers were burned to a crisp, and someone forgot to "smoke" the salmon (within and topping pancakes), which was served in large chunks as if a leftover from another, past meal. We ordered a pizza. It was OK. But not for the price.... It is not a matter of being cheap, but a matter of expecting and demanding a better standard, they just opened (after all)! We will definitely return to lunch a the Vancouver Art Gallery  as we had done many times in the past as I also pointed out ....

This experience was definitely made better by the staff. (made me wonder what kind of "salary program" are they on: salary and commission or, straight commission?
They should get paid handsomely, as they are the first responders to many complaints to come when the illusion vanishes.
If  any establishment wants the public to perceive excellence. They must be, do "excellent". 
I am not easily impressed by pricey merchandize and attentive staff, although the later is simply divine.... No one poked my eye out with fantasy and glamour yet.

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