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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

It's been a while, I been busy with "bigger things"

I produced MEDUSA this last year while working hard as Artistic Director for Outside the Box, White Rock

“Medusa”                                          $3800.-
Acrylic/Mixed Media 4' x 5' on canvas

Very briefly:
Medusa’s story slightly varies in time and depending of whom the narrator is.
Often contradictory, her stories gravitate between victim and villain.
A guardian and protectress, representing birth and earth. Medusa ultimately “became” a monster, a Gorgon with a hideous face and living venomous snakes in place of hair. Greek mythological figures came to life during the Iron and Bronze Ages. Medusa was known for her mesmerizing beauty and was turned into a monster by Athena in a fit of jealousy; apparently Medusa (also had) made love with her brother in Athena’s Temple - the last straw!.
Anyone looking at the ravishing Medusa would turn into stone!
Eventually, Perseus, after a prolonged and convoluted journey managed to approach her from the rear (with the help of some local witches) and, decapitated her.  He later handed Medusa’s head to Athena to place it on her shield.
However, this is where it becomes even more complicated as Pegasus was her son,  some stories say Pegasus came/flew out of the wound inflicted on her neck while being decapitated by Perseus.
The ring of fire represents war and calamities, as ofter in ancient time fire was set to eliminate the enemy. Dagger and shield representing both the iron and bronce age respectively.
In classical antiquity the image of Medusa appears in evil averting devises know as Gorgonion.... (Which, is not a Gargoyle).
It took over a year of a succession of discarded plans to complete this work. 
Torn between the concepts of “beauty and ugliness” I eventually decided to obscure her face in order to solve my dilemma and also to spare us all from turning to stone.

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