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Friday, January 01, 2016

Morning reflections: January 1, TGIF!

I woke up this sunny morning morning and the first thought was on a "sunny" new year! A bright and warm omen. I'd like to believe. Then, immediately after the pessimist in me reminded me it was just "Friday". Another Friday. A Friday like all others following a Thursday, yet it feels different because culturally we come to see January 1 as an entire new world, with a life full of dreams and promises that were not existent nor possible mere seconds ago.

I like this practice as in the Spanish saying "borrón y cuenta nueva" (loosely translated as "erase and begin anew". I love this capability of ours to move forward at the strike of midnight into another life. A better, healthier, happier, accomplished, loving, successful, peaceful one. One born of our desire and imagination. So much positive energy around the world on a single date we are all united around the world...... Maybe, maybe the problems for the true lack of change is that this huge positive, vibrant light filled energy only last a few seconds past the midnight blasts. I can only imagine all that we could accomplish if the level of forward thinking euphoria would last just a little longer to allow the possibility of a mega shift.

If we could only remain on even the "fumes" of it....
how many marriages would be saved, how many children would be fed, refugees rescued, homeless permanently sheltered, workers getting promotions and raises, bosses be more humane, whale colonies and dolphin pods saved, elephant tusks and rhine horn not poached, no clear cutting, nor water and oil gauging, pets and all other animals given respect. No fear, only hope. All hoping for a better life, a better world....
But in essence, it is only Friday. Just a Friday like any other Friday. Although, the sun is shinning! Hopeful.

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