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Friday, May 04, 2007


I am happy and also drained emotionally and intellectually form the exitement and anticipation of things to come and the preparations during which Murphy's Law manifested itself each step of the way...
I am very proud of myself for having given myself plenty of time as all that could have happened, did!
Most every step had to be repeated at least twice... and I got finished right on schedule - or, most specifically the night before at the last minute!
Needles to say, an University education would have not have prepared me for it.
The lessons were many - I am glad I am over this "semester".
Moving onto the next...
Hope the fum will begin soon..
There is a lot of time quiet time for introspection when in the "creative mode".
The photo bellow encountered on one of my latest walks brought on "identification issues" with the lone tall sky-scraping shrub grown into a tree for lack of care taking... it towered by itself over everything feeling and looking not only "out of place", but isolated at the same time in the vast space (nothingness) around immediately around it.

Author Caroline Myss suggests in her CD "Power to Create, from Wishful Thinking to True Manifestation", that most of the time we ask for meaningless "generalities" without really having an understanding of what we want. We are too vague! In order to obtain what we want - one of the important things - we must do, is name them. Merely wishing for "purpose", "happiness", "love" or "abundance" does not signify anything, as they have a very broad meaning. Defining - naming - then as we understand them for ourselves, is what brings us closer to their attainment. Notes on what Purpose, Love, Happiness and Abundance mean to me click!


I have the feeling that blogging as I know it will not be part of my future... And, although I think about you often I find it impossible to maintain any proper communication.

Please know that you all mean a lot to me and have been a great part in my development as a blogger and as an individual.

Your feed back is immensely appreciated. You are all so unique and lovely people. I have you all posted on my sidebar with your site just a click away... take a peek at the others, enjoy!

Love, peace, joy, laughter and a biiiiiiiiig huuuuuuuuug to each one of you!



vishesh said...

lovely house...looks cosy..

Pauline said...

OOH, is this the way a fence is surposed to look? Ours has "character" (!) Lovely photo spring is in the air the budding of the trees and scrubs leave smiles upon the air.

"Angeldust" said...

Not be unfair Vishesh -
I posted the lone tree as a symbol of what happens when even something beautiful "goes amiss"....

The house? Never gave it thought, I was soooo absorved in all the blooms around me, we are just noe beginning to have some sun.

Once again, extraordinary proof of the diversity of perception and where our attention is focused - always departing from our own "points of reference".

Big hug

"Angeldust" said...

ahhhhhhhhhh dear Pauline
may that be a leanuin" character? :)

My previous apartment at ground level had a lovely patio sharing a common green area between the buildings. The 4' fence was only supported by the shrubery and the vines... :) an old, weathered cedar look made it perfet.

Have a great week end - big hug

Rauf said...

finally back after travels dearest Angel. Going again next week.

please find time to guide us through your blogs. You have a job to do Angel.

lots of love and Hugs

"Angeldust" said...

Missed you Raufie

usually there is a link on the blog name or tittle of post when I mention something, same for authors and others...

Big HUg

Annelisa said...

You have your exhibition up? Well done you! You must be so relieved to be 'there' finally... I'm really glad for you.
Are you saying that you're not blogging any more, or that it just won't be often? I would miss having you round, and visiting for your wonderful thoughtful posts.

But most of all, I hope you'll be happy, whatever you decide to do, Angel. (((((hugs)))) back to you!!

And good luck with your exhibition!!

"Angeldust" said...

Dearest Annelisa

Yes, I hung the FIRST one.

It is for friends like you that I could never completely leave blogging aside - I just can't keep up with the courtesy of visitation - and I feel tha with my dyslexia slowing me down, it is becoming almost impossible to be "civil" and do all I need to do to succedd as an artist.

I am running a shoe string "operation" and everything, absolutely everything is done by myself.
I am not complaining by ANY strech of the imagination - I'm only stating what I feel the changes in my life are bringing about....
Everything is shifting!

There is an huge "background" to all of this that never gets spoken about, that is part of the mechanism that makes things move forward, that is also in need of continued care.

Also, when I began blogging (had two blogs by accident) I was doing my workshops on a rather part-time basis, but with my art I am finding it is turning into a full time job (which I much enjoy!) my blogs which I use as websites, do take up a lot planning and time.

I used to get annoyed a those that never answered comments - I now begin to understand, one can only do so much - So dear Annelisa I am truly thorn!!!!


PS: I will continue blogging that is for sure - but I am not sure how it will evolve/transform????

"Angeldust" said...

PPS: I do have "somethin' going on somewhere" one blog or another all the time

I tell you more.
I am also preparing the painting (frame) for "Within" - I am taking it to be juried (May 12) in hopes it will spend the Summer at the SUrrey Art Gallery of Modern Art.
Keep your fingers corssed, p-l-e-a-s-e!

After that I will be preparing the "Sacred Feminine" collection (which is about 40 pieces) for the Fall (no funding nor venue yet) and a couple of pieces for the Fraser Downs Annual Show.

All I need is a grant of some sort, a maid, a chef, a buttler and I'm good!


Katie McKenna said...

ohhhh cheers to you Alicia! I am hoping for the most wondrous moments for you! Good luck always in all that you do!!! Congratulations as well. You are an inspiration to me!!!!


"Angeldust" said...

Ah sweetie - thank you sooooooo much.
You are a great support to me!!!

((Big Hug))