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Friday, February 11, 2011

White Rock City Council has "obligation to save the views"

by allowing cutting down of obtrusive trees

 Added my valentines, 
they say "Alicia Ballard ♡ trees"

Well, well, well!  I cannot imagine any sane, educated, socially conscious, responsible, savvy  citizen actually utter such, incredible nonsense - let alone vote in favor of it!!!!!!!!????

Comments on the latest news follow-up suggest elections. But, that presents a problem, who is actually going to run? Would there even be a choice. There really wasn't any.
All the good people apparently have moved to Surrey and are moving the city forward with incredible efficiency and heart.
Now, where are our power women?
At the new cosmetics counter of Shoppers? But, that is another story all together, did not mean to digress.

I love tress, and since I moved to White Rock I have witnessed in despair the systematic damaging, mutilation and elimination of trees - this disregard for nature, is reflected in most everything that goes down in this town.
Ignorance and disrespect are generally the norm.

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