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Monday, April 18, 2011

Politics? Liberals? What's a blond to do in White Rock?

So, what am going to do?!

I did not attend the candidate nominating meeting, somehow that Sunday evening meeting around the corner just flew out of my head, therefore, I almost feel guilty to utter an opinion! Then, I read in the paper who got nominated (OMG!) and elected (OOOHMG!!!) will not say his name....

Here I am a card holding Liberal. A die hard Liberal. One, that has been asked to run for MP many years ago, when we were in office... when we were still a respected bunch (if not for Alberta!)... Now, facing a crucial election with a wonderfully worldly, charming intellectual as Mr Ignatieff at the helm and, a White Rock-South Surrey candidate, none of which I feel could/would hold the job.
One, because does not know how to be a leader/is not a leader - one is born into that sort of thing... (Or, bluffs or bullies his way into it, as Harper did.)
The other, well... from personal experience in a committee/public setting (I had to remove myself from due to his unacceptable behavior) I concluded - he - was a barbarian.
Most certainly, not the one to represent me - or anyone else - god forbid!

So, to add further distress to the ongoing dilemma is this... when I volunteer on voting day at the polling station, do I kill myself first?
~ * ~
(If I would have labels, this will be under "Things that come back to bite you in the ass")


Songo said...

It is always nice to come back to your blog.

The Terra Studios - StudioGaleria said...

Thank you, sweetie.
I shall come to yourssssssssss - lol

So much nicer in bloglandia!

pilgrimchick said...

Friends of mine in Canada were mentioning this election--I hoep the outcome for you is better than it has been, in a similar case, in my home state.

The Terra Studios - StudioGaleria said...

Not really my dear, we got the same as before.
However, Harper's popularity overall isn't good ad with his arrogance he won;t be able to contain during these next four years - assures us of a monumental, resounding change to come.
We are (have to move towards social democracy, particularly now that we have managed to kill the liberal party...
Remember my prediction.
I am hoping for a model similar of that of Holland - it need time to ripen.